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The Feminist Scare

The Feminist Scare

In this day and age of political correctness and progressivism, many struggle with the reality of what it means to be a fully equal world. People who have had no issues with equality have difficulty understanding the problem and deny the necessity for action. We live in a world where there is a call to action. At times, the substance and reality behind such a call goes unrecognized.

The word feminism comes with about a million pre­made connotations. Feminism has been around for many years and yet recently, it has become a mainstream concept to synonymize “feminist” with “radical”. As feminist empowerment groups work to combat such a connection, the heart of the problem is the bias of the individual.

There is a fear around the word feminist because there is a fear of understanding and realization. If we seek to understand the word feminist; it means we must admit that there is a problem. The word feminist stems from the fact that equality around this world is not a reality as of now. Feminism is a central concept in trying to combat such an issue.

As the war on gender equality becomes more and more mainstream, people shy away because it’s in our nature to stray away from issues that are difficult to discuss. It’s much easier to deny an issue than come to terms with it.

If society continues to associate feminism with words such as “radical”, “extremist”, “unnecessary”, or “annoying,” we will have lost. We must be able to open our eyes and understand that there is an issue plaguing our world. Only then will it be possible to respond the call of action.

We do not blossom nor learn from ignorance. We grow and develop from understanding, thinking, and acceptance. Feminism is not a plague, it is a remedy.


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