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Fear For Our Schools

Fear For Our Schools 

As the Trump administration settles in after nearly a week of tumult and emotional divide within the nation, President Trump’s Cabinet nominations begin their confirmations and start their work for the next four years. Since November 9th, President Trump has been appointing official after official, many coming in with a controversial past and negative reaction from the public. Nominations include the keeping of FBI director James Comey, Ben Carson as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Tom Price as Secretary of Health and Human Services, and of course, Betsy DeVos as the new Secretary of Education. Each one of these nominees comes with an incredibly controversial past, but DeVos is the most recent occupant of the hot seat and receiving major third degree from Democrats within Congress.

DeVos’ hearings cemented the public’s idea of what she knew about public education, which is essentially nothing. As Trump’s picks begin to settle into their positions, DeVos must begin to learn everything about her position. During her hearing, it was revealed that DeVos, nor her children, had never even taken out a student loan. When faced with questions about federal policies concerned with schools across the nation, DeVos consistently told the senators at her hearing that she would “be happy to look into the issue” when she takes her position. Exasperated senators such as Tim Kaine, Elizabeth Warren and Maggie Hassan were up in arms about DeVos’ inability to answer simple issues, quickly realizing she knew very little about the important position she was about to take on. This is a position that would heavily impact students across the nation.

One thing was certain from DeVos’ hearings. When asked, DeVos stated she much preferred charter schools and detested public schooling. The billionaire from Michigan had only ever had interactions with charter schools, therefore has no experience with the school system she will be funding and making important decisions about in the next four years. DeVos’ minimal knowledge on the position she is set to take must strike fear with parents and children alike.

As a current student attending a four year university, I fear for the generations below me. Betsy DeVos’ obtuseness during her first hearing instills such fear within a country so lacking in expansion of educational opportunities for children within in. Senators are currently vouching for another hearing for DeVos, as the first one revealed so much. We must be wary of DeVos as she heads into a position of such importance to the children of this nation.


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