Everything You Need to Conquer the Semester

Everything You Need to Conquer the Semester


The school year has started and fall semester is officially in action. Whether you are pulling an all-nighter in the library or you are out with your best friends till 3 a.m., I am here to show you the beauty and fashion products you need to get conquer this semester. Its all about looking good and feeling fabulous.

Essential #1: Booties

For all of the ladies that like to look nice, but feel comfortable, booties are the shoe for you. Invest in them! You can dress them up or dress them down. I like to think of booties as my companion throughout the fall - mainly because they help me look presentable when I don’t feel like dressing up, but they also never fail to add the classiest look to my “going-out” outfit. I’m such a sucker for black, but any color bootie is great!

Essential #2: Girlfriend/Boyfriend Jeans

Ladies, if you don’t already own a pair, you NEED to buy some. I live in my boyfriend jeans. Just like the booties, I can dress them up or dress them down. You can even wear the booties with the jeans for a more edgy look. These jeans can be worn all year round - especially pairs that are distressed because they are more airy for hot summer days. Trust me, if you are looking to invest in new clothes, you will not regret buying a new pair of boyfriend jeans!

Essential #3: “My self-made eye package”

I like to think of this essential as a two in one type of deal. I would have listed these two products separately, but I could not get myself to do that because that’s how much they need each other. So here they are - Covergirl Lash Bloom Mascara and Castor Oil. You can buy the mascara at any drug store and I purchased Castor Oil off of Amazon. Why these two products? I love to wear mascara, but I have always felt as if it’s counterproductive. I thought once I took off the mascara, my eyelashes would fall out or get shorter. This was until I found Covergirl Mascara - the only mascara I have ever used that has made my eyelashes gros, which is why I swear by it. I like Lash Bloom, but any Covergirl mascara is good. It’s up to your personal preference. Finally, I use the Castor Oil to help my eyelashes and eyebrows grow. The plant-based oil strengthens the roots and helps the hair grow longer and thicker. You can even use this oil on your head.

Essential #4: DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

This is not only a product you should buy for the season, but for the rest of your life. Let’s admit, sometimes we come home after a long day at school or a long night out and the last thing we want to do is remove our makeup. This product that will not only remove every last morsel of makeup on your face, but will also get you excited to take off your makeup. Here’s how it works: you pump some of the olive oil based product into your hand and massage it onto your face without water. This part feels weird, but it is nice actually knowing that it’s going to make my skin clearer and better, never dry or greasy. After I rub it in, I rinse it off. This product works as a makeup remover and cleanser. It’s a two-in-one deal that’s completely worth it.