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Disney Channel to Premiere its First Gay Storyline

            Disney recently announced that its show “Andi Mack” would feature one of its characters coming out during its second season, along with the struggles he faces during this journey. Disney has begun taking leaps of progressive storylines in the recent years, and “Andi Mack” will feature one of its biggest. The character is a boy named Cyrus, a 13 year old and the title character Andi’s best friend. The second season will portray Cyrus developing feelings for a boy named Jonah, who Andi also has a crush on, and how Cyrus grapples with those feelings. Disney has previously taken subtle stances on LGBTQ+ relationships, such as hinting toward LeFou in the new Beauty and the Beast to be homosexual, and even in animated form in the Disney XD show Star. vs. the Forces of Evil, where in one episode two men can be seen kissing in a crowd. “Andi Mack’s” character Cyrus will embark on one of the first lead storylines of a gay character within the Disney realm.

            “Andi Mack” has previously taken on more adult like themes during its run, such as the main character Andi having to come to terms with meeting her biological mother. Disney is taking initiatives toward a more progressive programming for its young audiences, much to the delight of many, but the dismay of others. Many parents are very upset about this storyline being portrayed on Disney, as they don’t agree with exposing younger generations to topics such as this either so early or at all. Parents have begun signing petitions in order to reach out to Disney to get them to not air said episodes. Parents have promised to suspend their children from watching Disney as long as shows like “Andi Mack” are airing. This backlash comes from older generations of parents unwilling to move forward with the more modernized storylines the media portrays.

            As modern generations progress and their ideals follow, the media attempts to keep up. Disney is taking small steps to become a more progressive network. Disney doing this sets the tone for many networks and shows to follow as Disney serves as a chief innovator and corporation during this time. As the world continues to change in such a time of confusion and political dissent, Disney sets a pathway to a more equal and progressive nation.




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