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Dear Upperclassmen

Hey, hope you’re hanging in there.

Going back to school as a college junior or senior can be tough. There’s no school supply lists, homecoming dress shopping, or dorm decor. Despite the lack of this nostalgia, there is still a lot to be thankful for. These are the best things that happened during my first week of junior year. Take note of the positive things that happen during back to school because sometimes its so crazy that its hard to notice.

1. That feeling when all your classes have the same theme. This semester, all my classes are talking about redlining in urban areas. It finally feels like everything is falling into place and like I’m on the right track.

2. Not having to go back to a dorm after a long day of class is relieving to say the least. Gone are the days of tiptoeing around an RA or having to deal with dining hall food. Although there’s a convenience to living in the dorms, there’s nothing quite as fun as your first apartment, especially if you live with your best friends.

3. My professors were excited to see me! This really hits different than the other ones. When people as brilliant as my professors recognize me in class and are excited to see me, I feel like my hard work has been noticed.

4. I found all my classes with ease. I! Did! Not! Get! Lost! At! All! It’s the little victories that make life so sweet. I even had people ask me where things were; that made me feel really powerful. Definitely a confidence boost.

Just remember, the freshmen may have way more energy than you, but at least you’re not wearing a lanyard.

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