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Create Your Own Spa With This Year’s Holiday Survival Kit

Create Your Own Spa With This Year’s Holiday Survival Kit

Welp, it is that time of year. Disrupted diets, absence of exercise, emergence of stress-blemishes, and sleepless nights. It is always easy to recommend things you can do to avoid these pains but we all know it is hard and is made better with a little bit of help. Luckily, the Holiday Survival Kit has got our back (once again). Use these products to pamper yourself and create your own stress-free night after that rough Bio final!

Start your pamper session with a hot shower and Pure Silk Shave Cream to feel clean and fresh. Who doesn’t love soft, smooth legs? 

After a hot shower to wash off that gross exam feeling, follow up with a hot Yogi tea to settle into a cozy, relaxing night. 

Next, grab your favorite Leaders Cosmetics gel sheet facemask to clean, purify, and moisturize your face. What’s a spa day without a facemask? 

Let your facemask sit, sip your tea, and use this month’s book from the Book of the Month Club to escape from final stresses.

Lastly, primp with Rimmel London’s Scandaleyes Mascara and Eyeliner, Provocalips Lip Colour, and Natural Bronzer. Look and feel your best!

Nobody likes finals, but everyone loves a spa day. Save a little cash and create your own in the comfort of your dorm or apartment with great products like these. Visit our Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/hercampusmarquette/ to participate in a giveaway of these goodies just in time for finals!

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