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Campus Cutie – Joey Burchard

Joey Burchard is this week’s Campus Cutie, and is certainly worthy of the title. He’s an Mechanical Engineering sophomore from Lindenhurt, Illinois. Joey enjoys the simple parts of life, but also loves an an intellectual challange. He spends lots of time with friends, and often plays Sushi Cat (it’s a computer thing). 

What is your Dream Job?
I would like to become an engineer for a prestigious company.

What is the first thing you notice about a girl?
I notice her smile. That is if I’m funny enough.

What is your favorite pick-up line?
I like to use the ‘How much does a polar bear weigh?’ line.

Favorite disney movie?
Thanks to my sister, Tangled is my favorite disney movie.

If you could have lunch with anyone, dead or alive, who would you pick?
I would like to have lunch with Neil Armstrong to find out first-hand how it was to be on the moon.

Extracurriculars: ASME, Intermural Volleyball, and Inspired by Curiosity.

Favorite Movie: Remember the Titans

Favorite Song: Thnks Fr Th Mmrs by Fall Out Boy

Favorite Food: Puppy Chow!

If he could marry one celebrity, he’d chose: Kate Upton

Favorite Spot in Milwaukee: The Beach

Favorite Color: Blue

Which Care Bear do you identify to the most: I would relate with Wish Bear the most because never give up the opportunity to wish.

Favorite Sport: Soccer

Favorite place to take a girl on a date: The Movies.

Favorite Late-Night Snack: Ice cream.

If you were on legend of the hidden temple which team would you be on? Green Monkeys 

by Noelle Searles, HCMU’s new Campus Cutie Coordinator. 

Hannah McCarthy is a junior studying Broadcasting and Electronic Communication at Marquette University. She is currently the News Director at Marquette Radio. Hannah calls Cincinnati, OH home. In her free time, Hannah obsesses over Public Radio and hopes to be a news reporter after she graduates. 
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