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Campus Cutie – Dan Korpics

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Marquette chapter.


Dan Korpics is a fun-loving, outgoing sophomore. He is sure to keep you entertained with his incredible wit and charming personality. He is a Marquette Radio D.J, so get to know him better by checking out his show “The Hype” on Wednesdays from 11-12:30. 
What is your Dream Job? To be on Saturday Night Live
What is the first thing you notice about a girl? Eyes
What is your favorite pick-up line? “I know I don’t look like much now, but I’m drinking milk.”
Favorite disney movie? Alice in Wonderland
Extracurriculars: MU Radio DJ, frisbee
Favorite Movie: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Guilty Music Pleasure: Doris Day
If he could marry one celebrity, he’d chose: Mila Kunis
Favorite Color: Green
Coke or Pepsi? Coke
Favorite Sport: Hockey
Favorite place to take a girl on a date in Milwaukee? Walking by the lake or river, if it’s nice out
Favorite Late-Night Snack: Hot cheetos and Takis
What is your favorite 90’s television program? Seinfeld
Dream vacation destination? New Zealand
If you could be on one professional athletic team, who would you choose? Jeff Gordon’s pit crew
Favorite Disney Princess: Mulan
Favorite Interjection: Kablam!
Hannah McCarthy is a junior studying Broadcasting and Electronic Communication at Marquette University. She is currently the News Director at Marquette Radio. Hannah calls Cincinnati, OH home. In her free time, Hannah obsesses over Public Radio and hopes to be a news reporter after she graduates.