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Campus Celeb: Molly Merrion

You know that girl who looks super-fit and runs every day around campus? That girl is probably Molly Merrion. She does it all: she is passionate about her faith, participates on the crew team, is a class instructor at Spire Fitness downtown, pursuing her dreams of becoming a nurse, and on top of all that, finds time to help kids at Sunday school. Man, I’m tired just thinking about it all! If you want to know more about the superstar, Molly Merrion, here is a quick bio:

Name: Molly Merrion

Major: Nursing

Grade: Junior

Hometown: Farmington, New Mexico

HCMU: What you are involved in on-campus?

MM: Crew, intramural sports, campus ministries — eucharistic ministering and pre-k Sunday school teaching, and the upward bound program.


HCMU: Why did you decide to come to MU?

MM: I wanted to venture out of the Southwest and go somewhere new. Also, I love the Jesuit-faith based teachings Marquette is built on, and I really liked the nursing program here.


HCMU: What is your favorite memory as a MU student?

MM: I’d have to say Marquette Madness freshman year! Also, pretty much every Crew race weekend, Tuesday night mass at the Joan of Arc Chapel and the entire season of Fall in Milwaukee. There’s too many good ones!


HCMU: Any advice for freshmen?

MM: Get involved! Sign-up for any and everything at O-fest, go to your hall traditions, go to sports games, study in new spots, go to campus events, just get out and find your people! You’ll find things that don’t jive with you, but I bet you’ll also find something that absolutely makes your college experience, and meet friends you’ll have forever. But you have to get out and find it! It’s awkward for everyone at first, but be brave and branch out. I promise you won’t regret it.


HCMU: What’s your favorite meal or dessert?

MM: Frozen yogurt and anything coconut flavored.


HCMU: What’s your dream job?

MM: Pediatric Nurse. I love kids!


HCMU: What’s an odd fact about you?

MM: My first kiss and my older sister’s first kiss was with the same guy, but we didn’t figure out until years later… awkward.


HCMU: Who or what inspires you?

MM: Other people! I get inspired by the little things I see in people everyday. My teammates who are incredibly supportive and work so hard. The sweet, innocent kids in my Sunday school class who are more genuine than any adult I know. My family who lives out their faith in such a loving way. My coaches, professors and nursing mentors who show me what’s possible. Even the barista who gives an extra effort to tell me have a great day, even when I know they’ve got a crazy busy shift with crabby customers.


HCMU: Do you have a life motto?

MM: “Leave every person, place and situation you come across better than how you found it.”

Thanks, Molly!
A small town gal from America's Dairyland with aspirations to become a Physical Therapist. Loves rowing, cooking, scrapbooking, chocolate, couponing, animals, hanging out with friends, and anything Wisconsin related. Currently attending Marquette University.
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