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Being Cheugy Is No Longer Cheugy

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Cheugy, a word made popular by tiktok, describes out of date trends, slang, and mannerisms. It refers to brands that used to be super popular, but are now considered tacky. 

Trends come and go. Some that were considered cheugy are now coming back in a big way and we have Tiktok and Instagram influencers to thank for that. Some fashion trends that were considered cheugy, but are now coming back in a new way are Uggs, skinny jeans, and sherpa jackets. 

Uggs used to be a staple for winter, but have been on the decline these past few years. I remember wanting the reverse sequin ones so badly as well as the bow ones. Uggs have been gaining back their previous popularity this season with celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Emma Chamberlain wearing them. But instead of the cute and sparkly Uggs from my middle school days, platform Uggs and plain brown ones are in style, as well as Ugg slippers (but did those ever really leave??). 

I will never go back to wearing skinny jeans. There have been some Tiktoks about how skinny jeans are coming back, or are ‘timeless’. I so strongly disagree. Replacing them are baggier jean styles like mom jeans or straight leg jeans, which maintain a slimmer cut. 

Emma Chamberlain had a grip on society with the brown teddy sherpa coat. Every teen in 2018-2019 had a version of her iconic coat. Now the sherpa/cozy jacket trend is still popular, but in a different style. Some examples would be Free People’s Hit the Slopes jacket and Nordic Beach.

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