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6 DIY Fall Apartment Décor Ideas You NEED This Year

Happy Fall, Y’all! Is there anything better than making hot cider with your roomies, putting on a cozy pair of pajamas, and decorating the apartment? I know I, for one, have had cinnamon apple candles burning since two weeks ago (we are READY). I’ve been patiently waiting until it’s socially acceptable to have pumpkins laying around on all surfaces, and my grandma has been consulting with my expert leaf-arranging skills. This fall, I’m determined to have the coziest little place filled with pumpkin spice and everything nice. In preparation for my holiday spirit, I’ve gathered six of the cutest DIY décor ideas and crafts that us college women can do on a budget to make our homes look fall-ready. So, grab a PSL, put on a pair of comfy pumpkin socks, and get ready to DIY!!

  1. Wreaths – They are IN this year!!!

Photo Credit: Country Living

Looks simple enough, right? You can buy one of those plain twig wreaths from a craft store like Hobby Lobby or Michaels for around $20, or you can even order one from Amazon. The strips of cloth can come from an old t-shirt at the bottom of your drawer that you probably should have gotten rid of in 2011, or you can just grab a small length of fabric from a craft store! To make it all in one stop, grab some of the faux leaves and any other decorations you’d like to add! I covered more of my wreath with leaves because I like to be extra, and I also added some tiny pumpkins. You can get more than one letter, too – why not add the initials for all your roomies and put it on your front door?!

2. Fall “Mumpkins”

Photo Credit: Cassidy Garcia

Are these not the cutest little pumpkins or what?! It’s the perfect cross between fall and Halloween décor. They’re super easy and affordable to make, too. HGTV has a step-by-step tutorial on their website and even a video so you can follow along. All you need is a cheap foam sphere, some fake mums, and a little piece of scrap wood. Then BAM, you’ve got the perfect dining table centerpiece or coffee table decoration. Here’s the link for the tutorial: https://www.hgtv.com/design/make-and-celebrate/handmade/diy-mumpkins

3. Mason Jar Pumpkins

Photo Credit: Brian Woodcock, Pinterest

This little pumpkin is the perfect accent to your front door, porch, or even to the living room! Plus, it’s the perfect excuse to go to a pumpkin patch and get those aesthetic ~*fall*~ pictures you’ve been waiting for all year. Grab you girlfriends, pick out a few pumpkins, and make a day of crafting! All you need is some spray paint, some string, and a tin cake pan – you’ll probably spend less than $20! 

4. Glitter Leaf Garland

Photo Credit: House of Jade, Pinterest

The perfect DIY craft always involves glitter, amiright?! This would be a fun one to do with younger siblings or nanny kids also, since it’s so simple. If you want to wait until its REALLY fall, you can pick up leaves from the ground and decorate them, otherwise you can go to a dollar or craft store and grab a bag of artificial leaves. Apply Elmer’s glue with a paintbrush to each leaf and go nuts with the glitter. When they’re dry, punch a hole in the top of the leaf and string them together with ribbon! It’s a perfect decoration for a mantel, a doorway, or even draped across your TV stand! (**This idea was taken from http://www.houseofjadeinteriorsblog.com/2013/10/diy-falling-leaves-garland.html).

5. Burlap Wine Cover 

Photo Credit: Marcus Nilsson, Pinterest

This is just SO CUTE and a perfect way to accessorize the wine bottles that are just sitting on the counter! There are so many different ways to do this craft, too: start with a scrap of burlap, and then you can decide however you want to do the letters! You can paint, stencil, get stickers, or stamp on a phrase! This is fun because you get to decide what to put on the burlap for a label – anything from “FALL” to your roomies’ initials! Adding that orange velvet ribbon on top really gives it a fall vibe, and your kitchen counter will look oh so cute.

6. Decoupage Pumpkins

Photo Credit: Pinterest

This is one of my favorite crafts to do because it really is so easy, but I also think it’s one of the cutest ones. Sometimes I don’t even paint the pumpkins because I looooove that fall orange color! And again, it’s an excuse to go to the pumpkin patch with your friends (or your honey) and get some cute fall pics. See if you can find different colored pumpkins, and some little gourds too! Gourds make the BEST tiny fall accessories. Just use ModPodge to découpage a white gourd with pressed leaves. Grab the leaves from the backyard or use some leftovers if you did the hanging garland craft too ?.


Photo Credit: Lil Luna, Pinterest

I feel morally obligated to share this recipe with the world, regardless of the fact that it isn’t technically a ~*craft*~. If you’re not consuming pumpkin something while you’re doing fall crafts, you aren’t getting the whole experience! Here’s the recipe, taken from LilLuna.com (https://lilluna.com/frosted-pumpkin-bars/).


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