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Woodstock Comedy Festival: Comedy for a Cause

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Marist chapter.

Woodstock Comedy Festival is a non-profit organization with a simple mission:  comedy for a cause. Every September in the historic Woodstock, NY community, the festival kicks off by bringing prestigious comedians from all over to perform for the crowd. All of the net proceeds go towards Family of Woodstock, which raises awareness about domestic violence, and Polaris, which raises awareness about human trafficking. The fun-packed weekend is filled with stand-up, film, panels and improv. Woodstock Comedy Festival 2016 is now looking for your face in the crowd as an attendee or as a volunteer! 

About Sheila Isenberg: Marist Professor & Woodstock Comedy Media Director

Sheila Isenberg (pictured above) is a familiar face at Marist College. About 20 years ago, an English professor at Marist called and asked her if she would like to teach. She began around 1996, teaching Journalism and English. She is also a writer and has authored five non-fiction books (Random House, Simon & Schuster, Macmillan, Little Brown). She has worked as a reporter and a press secretary. She is also currently the Media Director for WCF and oversees all of the print, radio, television, and social media for the organization. 

Her Campus got the inside scoop on what Sheila had to say about Woodstock Comedy Festival 2016 and why college students should take the mid-September weekend trip to attend!!

Her Campus: Can you tell me why students should be interested in attending the festival?

Shelia Isenberg: It’s a huge amount of fun, with lots of laughter and good times! Plus scientific research reveals that laughter reveals stress, and we all know college students have some of that! Laughter is good for your heart, and mind.

HC: What is the best part about festival weekend?

SI: You get to see top comedic talent live, not on television. You laugh endlessly, in a stress-free environment. And you visit the most famous small town in the world. So what could be bad? This year’s festival is Sept. 23-25, at venues all over Woodstock; we hope to see you there!

HC: How can more college students get involved?

SI: Volunteer with us. You’d be supporting a humanitarian non-profit organization: We are a 501 © (3), Comedy for a Cause. We support survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking by donating our net profits every year to two charities, Polaris and Family of Woodstock. So you’d build up your resume, while having fun and doing good.

Woodstock Comedy Festival wants to you to join the laughter! Interested in volunteering or attending?  Learn more at the website: http://www.woodstockcomedyfestival.org

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