Why Everyone Should Go on Marist Broadway Trips

One of the best parts about Marist is being near the city without being directly in the city. Students can go down on the weekends, for day trips, or internships. Marist knows this, and takes full advantage of it. Marist sponsors several trips to the city a semester, including Broadway trips, and if you choose to go, I promise it will be one of your best days at Marist.

How to get the tickets

Around the school, the flyers will appear, advertising a musical trip. There get tickets to less popular shows, like Kinky Boots, all the way to famous ones liked Wicked. About two weeks before the trip, you line up at the Student Activities counter on either a Wednesday morning or Friday afternoon. People will often get there hours in advance for the best shows, so plan your day accordingly. Once you get your ticket put it in a safe place - I put it either on my cork board or in my wallet for safe keeping. Then, the night before, make sure you get lots of sleep and wake very early to get to the bus. The bus leaves between 9:00am-9:10am, so get there at about 8:45. Then on the bus, they distribute tickets, and you have roughly a 2 hour ride to the city. Bring something to do, or sleep. Then, once you’re there, you have 1-3 hours to explore the city and get lunch. Finally, at showtime, you head back to the theatre, watch the show, and go home on the bus again. Make sure you don’t miss the bus though. That might just ruin the day.

The trips and the Broadway shows, are amazing.

Broadway shows are spectacular. There is singing, dancing, and amazing acting. There is a broadway show for everyone, whether its fantasy- like Wicked- historical –like Newsies, funny- such as Book of Mormon or based off a movie like The Lion King. If you have yet to see any Broadway show (A. you're slacking), this is your perfect opportunity to go- few trips offer a low price plus a ride. If you have been to one, then it’s a no brainer. Plus, it makes an otherwise boring Sunday into a fun-filled day.

The tickets are only $25

Let’s face it, college kids have little money to spend on fun things. And Broadway tickets that the school gets are actually between $80-$150, in the real world. Plus, you get transportation. Where else can you get a ticket that expensive for a fraction of the price? Nowhere. It’s totally worth the price, especially since it would cost about that much just to get into the city on the train otherwise. $25 for a day trip? Sign me up.

It’s a day in the city

If nothing else, it’s a day in the city. If you have enough time, you can go shopping, or to a museum, or sit in a coffee shop and people watch for a few hours. Some people even skip the show and just go explore New York. No matter what you do, NYC is a great and fun place that you get to explore.

Whether you’re a big Broadway fan like me or have never been to a show before, Marist Broadway Trips are a great way to go, especially since its only $25, and you get to spend the day in the great city of New York. Trust me. It’s worth it.