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Why Are We All Catching The Bacheloritis?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Marist chapter.

Every Monday night at 8 p.m. millions of gals gather in cozy rooms to watch one show about 25 girls competing for one single, beautiful man named Ben Higgins. For the non-bachelor fans out there, you might be asking yourselves why we do this. Why do we sit through girls crying, fighting, and getting their hearts broken? Well, it comes down to three things that viewers simply just cannot get enough of. And you see, for the hopeless romantics out there, Ben gives us our weekly fix of what may be missing in our everyday lives.

Bacheloritis Diagnosis


  • Gloomy and dull feeling around 10:01 pm on Monday nights
  • Sadness and some sudden crying throughout the week
  • Sudden urge to stalk contestants on the show and how they do their makeup
  • Some heartache that may last hours or days long
  • Mostly wishing this season had a plot twist and Ben Higgins was waiting to marry you


1. Lack of being able to define what it means to go on a real date; not knowing the meaning of “Dating.”

We all have this phantom idea of what dating is right now, but being in college does not exactly give us a chance to make these ideas reality. Most of us don’t know how to date anymore or what it is like to be courted by a handsome gentlemen who only wants to make us smile. Yes, some of us are lucky. But, most of us are dependent on our pack of gals to cheer us up on a weekly basis, and sometimes that desperate phone call to mom too. 

2. Need for some drama in life that doesn’t involve yourself or your friends.

No one wants to be the girl who gets rejected or played by the hot guy, but you know when it happens to someone else we all love to gossip and hear the whole story. Starting The Bachelor with 25 girls and coming out with one wife equals a whole lot of story to tell, and therefore more drama for us to talk about. Maybe it’s a good thing we get it over with every Monday night, so we can focus on other more important things during the week.

3. And finally, the need for validation that guys like Ben Higgins still exist.

Like I said, not many of us go on a lot of actual dates in college. So, getting to know a guy that’s not your best friend or friend’s boyfriend is kind of hard to do. Superficial and surface relationships surround us, but not many people open up to us. And to see a guy like Ben, who is “risking it all” for love gives us a bit of hope for us hopeless romantics out there.


  • Try and take deep breaths during the rose ceremony in order to allow blood flow to your brain and maybe even some common sense
  • In fact, give yourself a rose
  • Realize that in all reality it is just a show
  • Remain positive
  • Stop being close minded and try to get to know someone you thought you wouldn’t
  • Be patient with love
  • Make sure to be near a television from 8 to 10 p.m. Monday nights