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What Jellybean Flavor are You?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Marist chapter.


You’re classic, and always on trend.  You have a killer style and blazing personality that no one messes with.  You may be rebellious at times, but it’s only because you have an excitement for life and want to make the most of everything you do.   


You are loved and adored by many due to your sweet personality.  You may come off shy, but your genuine heart always shines through.  You are giggly and light-hearted, never taking yourself too seriously.


You are the one that always makes people laugh, the jokester of the group.  You’re mischievous and always trying to pull innocent pranks on those around you to get a chuckle.   


You love the outdoors and value environmentally friendly practices to protect our earth.  You’re natural and free spirited with a deep love of animals.  Your ideal spot would be a field of flowers, of which you can prance through.   


You’re extremely artistic and creative, with an eye for detail.  You’re also very emotional and sentimental, always finding a deeper meaning to things.  You are extremely curious, witty, and thoughtful.  


You may appear serious on the outside, but it is all an act.  You have difficulty opening up to people, but once people see you for who you really are, they are enamored.   


You’re a pure soul who wishes for peace in the world.  You have a childlike innocence and also place a high value on self-care.  You are a very good listener, and you can read people’s emotions very well.  


You light up every room you walk into with your sunny disposition and charismatic personality.  Your friendly, outgoing, and an overall good person.  You always see the good in people and help those who are in need.

Elizabeth is a senior at Marist College studying Public Relations and Advertising.  Currently serving as the Editor in Chief and CC of the Marist Chapter, she enjoys writing about entertainment, music, lifestyle, and news.