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Videos that Will Fill You With Joy

In today’s world, there is so much negativity. You can barely watch the news without hearing death reports or natural disasters. So many people avoid watching the news because it is full of sad or scary stories. Every day, people are doing things that are worth recognizing. People are returning home from war, getting engaged, or overcoming adversity. Sometimes you watch a video and it tugs at your heart strings. Something about the video connects to you and it makes you emotional, in a good way. These videos aren’t stories that were necessarily reported on the news, some were, but many weren’t. These videos motivate me to be a better person. I compiled a list of videos that are filled with so much love and happiness that you may be moved to tears like I was. These are the stories that I wish I could hear about more often. We only see the darkness in the news, so here is some light.

Welcome Home

Members of the military come home every day. When a military man or woman surprises their family, you can’t help but tear up. Below are some of the most powerful videos that I found on YouTube.

Daddy’s Home


Son With Cerebral Palsy Walks to His Military Father for the First Time


ESPN Homecoming


Marine Surprises Sister on Her Wedding Day.


Will You Marry Me?

Many girls dream of the day they get engaged. So, watching men plan and propose to their girlfriend can bring out many emotions- the “that could be me one day” emotions. There is also something about seeing grown men tear up and show these feelings that also makes me tear up.

From Middle School to Marriage


First Date to One Knee


Marry Me: The (Fake) Musical


Visually Impaired Man Proposes After Seeing for the First Time


Seeing the World

Unless you are born blind or become blind throughout your life, you can never understand what it is like to not see. The ability to see the world around you is often taken for granted. With advancements in technology, some blind people have been given their vision and are seeing the world for the first time.

Two Blind Sisters See Each Other for the First Time


Blind Man Sees Wife for the First TIme


A World in Color

They may have their eyesight, but to live in a world without seeing the true color of the grass or the flowers can be difficult. A world in black and white is not nearly as beautiful as a world in color.

People Seeing Color for the First Time


Hearing the World

Like blindness, deafness can only be imagined if you’ve been deaf yourself. Having a phone call or hearing waves is often taken advantage of. It may be annoying to hear your mom yell at you, but hearing no sound at all is by far more difficult. With new visual technologies, more auditory technologies are also being invented.

29 Year Old and Hearing for the First Time


Compilation of Hearing for the First TIme


A Turkish Town Learned Sign Language for Deaf Woman


One Foot in Front of the Other

Everyone learns to walk when they are a toddler. It is a part of life- a baby’s first steps. Unless of course, you are born with some disease or condition that impairs your ability. Then there are people who had that ability taken away by an injury or a condition developed later. These are the people that must learn to take the first steps again.

Surprising A Nurse by Walking Again


First Steps at Graduation


We’re Your Family Now

Not everyone is fortunate to have two loving parents. Some are born to no loving parents and are put into foster care and others lose their parents through tragedy. Getting adopted is one of the greatest days in someone’s life. Being able to adopt is also one of the greatest days in someone’s life. Adoption proves that family isn’t reliant on blood relationships, but the love you share.

Alex and Britney Adopted from Foster Care


Adopted by Stepfather at Graduation Party


Adoption Gift for Stepfather’s Birthday



Some people don’t know their family- they get separated for one reason or another. Finally meeting or seeing your family after separation is so special. In other cases, your paths crossed in the past and you meet again. You never know if a good deed will come back to change your life. Reunions are full of emotion.

Twins Reunite After 70 Years


Twins Separated at Birth


Sir Nicholas Winton Saved Their Lives, and They Reunite to Thank Him


Cop Saved A Man’s Life 19 Years Earlier


10 Years Later, Mom and Son Reunite


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