Top Ten Tarte Products (Cruelty Free!)

Of course we all want to look stylish, but not at the expense of another creature. Being an animal rights advocate, I decided to hit the stores and try a brand and its products that don’t test on animals. I wanted to find products that were stylish, but didn’t cause harm to another creature. Check out my top ten tarte cruelty free makeup products!

1. Shape tape foundation ($39)

This foundation comes in two styles; hydrating or matte. I love the flexibility this product gives for all skin types! Best part is it’s vegan and no animals were harmed in the making! This is my go-to foundation.

2. Shape tape concealer ($27) Ladies you can't go wrong with product! Not only is it vegan and cruelty free but it works perfectly! Every dark circle, zit and blemish is covered without packing on pounds of makeup!

3. Amazonian clay matte waterproof bronzer ($30)

As we approach fall, our tans will slowly begin to fade but they don’t have to completely disappear! This waterproof bronzer is another cruelty free and vegan option that tarte provides. This product is great especially for any busy student that is constantly on the go! Who wouldn't want to look good and feel confident all day long?

4. Limited-edition Don't Be Afraid to Dazzle contour highlight palette ($30)

Although this product is limited-edition, it is the perfect pair for any skin type! It truly makes you dazzle through the day! Take the extra leap of confidence and don’t be afraid to dazzle. The original price is $30, but right now you can get it for $21!

5. Shape tape 12-hour eye primer stick ($21)

Getting our eyeshadows to blend perfectly or making our wings match is not an easy task, so for me it is important to get a primer stick that is going to make my hard work last from morning to night. This, ladies, is it! This product will keep your eye makeup in place and fresh all day long. All you need is a little amount for the entire day!

6. Rainforest of the Sea 4-in-1 setting mist ($25)

Along with keeping my eye makeup in tact, I want my face to hold up against the heat, rain and running around I do all day! This 4-in-1 Rainforest of the Sea setting mist does the trick. Not only does this product set your makeup but it also primes, hydrates and refreshes skin for 12 hours. You will look smooth and refreshed all day!

7. Lifted sweat-proof mascara ($23)

Lifted mascara gives you long beautiful lashes without testing on animals. Finding a cruelty-free mascara was my biggest challenge until I found lifted! The best part is unlike many other mascaras, this one is actually good for your lashes. It's like your lashes are getting a spa treatment every time you wear it! According to tarte's official website, “The waterproof formula is infused with replenishing Amazonian clay, antioxidant vitamin C & smoothing emollient waxes to help naturally soften, protect & promote healthy, voluminous lashes with none of the icky, bad stuff.”

8. Colored clay tinted brow gel ($21)

This product is perfect for boosting your brows to reach that perfect definition and shape without going overboard.

9. Maneater liquid eyeliner ($20)

This vegan eyeliner provides a long lasting triple black liquid liner. Twelve hours of fade-proof, lash-enhancing and waterproof pigment. The brush itself is a micro brush making it easy for you to create dramatic looks or precise lines whenever you want! 

10. Rainforest of the SeaTM limited-edition eyeshadow palette ($36)

Includes 8 everyday shadows:

● sand (ivory)

● mermaid (gold)

● seashell (pink)

● wave (slate)

● abyss (dark brown)

● reef (copper)

● starfish (bronze)

● cove (tan)

These colors scream fun but professional! Aside from the makeup itself, tarte also provides a line of beautifully crafted makeup brushes that are cruelty free. I hope everyone takes the time to give these products a try! DM me your looks on instagram to be sent to tarte!