Three Stunningly Artistic Fashion Fads of 2019

By Natalie Hooker

These top three fashion trends of 2019 are totally swoon-worthy! From glittering eyeshadow palettes to whimsical poofy gowns and feather covered cocktail dresses, these looks are some of the best in fashion. 

  1. A recurring theme on the Red Carpet or at New York Fashion week has been wonderfully vibrant gowns made of tulle. These gowns are works of art, ranging in size and color. Whether you’ve seen one on a celebrity or in the current Camp: Notes on Fashion exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, this trend is having a moment.Image courtesy of Getty Images
  2. Popular eyeshadow shades of the spring and summer have consisted of shimmery fuschias and lavenders. Whether worn at The Met Gala, or seen on celebrity makeup artists’ Instagram pages, this trend is everywhere. Image courtesy of  Filter Famous; original photographer unknown 
  3. Last but not least, a trend that is gaining popularity is the feather gown. This dress is the perfect fashion statement to wear for any event or a fun night out. 

Image courtesy of The Attico

These are my top three favorite fashion fads of the year. They are all stunningly artistic and certainly ones to remember.