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As the semester comes to an end, it’s always bittersweet to say goodbye to your friends. Now that most of us are going home for Thanksgiving and are staying home for the semester, here are some ideas to continue to stay in touch with your friends:


  • Pictionary

    • Use Zoom’s whiteboard feature to draw and play Pictionary with friends!
  • Mail a Hand-Written Letter

    • It’s always a nice surprise to receive a letter in the mail!

Letter and envelope
Photo by Kate Macate from Unsplash
  • Care Package

    • Put together a care package of all of either your favorite things or your friend’s favorite things and send in in the mail. Care packages are always the most fun to open!
  • Trade Puzzles

    • I love to solve puzzles with my family. Once we are done with puzzles, we usually trade them with friends and relatives. You can swap puzzles with friends through mail!
  • Secret Snowflake

    • Since most of us will not be at school during the holiday month of December, you can go a Secret Snowflake gift exchange through mail! And, there are many apps and websites to use to draw names virtually.
two gifts are wrapped in brown paper and covered with green and star-shaped soaps.
Photo by Ylanite Koppens from Pexels
  • Happy Hour Zoom or FaceTime

    • Everyone can bring their favorite beverage to the Zoom and have a virtual Happy Hour together!
  • Netflix Party

    • Choose a movie or t.v. show to watch with your friends through Netflix. I always recommend watching The Office :)
person holding remote control at TV
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Olivia M.

Marist '21

Olivia is a student at Marist College with majors in both English and Education.
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