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Songs That I’m Currently Listening To On Repeat

One of my favorite hobbies is listening to music and finding new songs to add to my playlists. Here are some that I’d like to share!

1. Let Me Know by Winona Oak

This is song is about the artist who is awkwardly in-between friendship and romantic interest with a man. She pleads that if there are any romantic feelings that he comes forward and confess his feelings. I think this is a topic that many can relate to, and the song has an upbeat and whimsical feel that just emits positive feelings. Winona Oak’s voice is extremely rich and appeals to those who are used to the regular pop genre as well as those who like to like to explore into the alternative side of music.

2. she’s all yours by Loote

I may be biased because I am seeing Loote in concert this Friday, but I think Loote is a phenomenal pop duo. They consist of artists Emma Lov and Jackson Foote who both originally from New York City. While they are fairly new and their discography is not yet lengthy, they have not made a song that I dislike. They follow a theme where all of their songs are about relationships and breakups. Their song “she’s all yours” is my favorite because I think it has a great melody and the instrumentals are really well mixed for a more electronic feel. It is very much pop and would appeal to those who like upbeat songs that aren’t necessarily the happiest topic.

3. Never Seen The Rain by Tones and I

Tones and I consists of one artist, Toni Watson, who is only nineteen years old. I am older than her by two months. Because she is so young and has such a unique voice, she is often compared to Billie Eilish because both artists have a sort of warp to their voice. Her song “Never Seen the Rain” is probably my favorite song by her because it is about supporting others and being there for others who may feel disadvantaged. The song doesn’t follow traditional pop with it’s simple instrumentals and loud background vocals that give it a very ‘inclusive’ type of feel.

4. October by Alessia Cara

Alessia Cara is one of my favorite artists of all time because she chooses to sing about the most grounded topics with lyrics that are well-crafted. Her song “October” is about having a good summer with friends and loved ones and not wanting it end, not wanting to “see October” which would signify the end of the era. The song has a very relaxed vibe and is very stripped, not overproduced. This gives it a very raw sound, like one you would listen to while sitting around a campfire during a summer camping trip. Her voice is extremely breathy and light but at the same time smooth and clear. Her ability to control her voice so well makes her such a great artist.

5. Good Things Fall Apart by Illenium Ft. Jon Bellion

My favorite artist of all time is Jon Bellion. His ability to write lyrics is unmatched, in my opinion, and his ability to encode so many layers into his words is an art. The producer, Illenium, does a phenomenal job at mixing the track because it perfectly matches Jon Bellion’s passionate lyrics and vocals. The song is about a break up that resulted from a great relationship and that even the best things have to end eventually. This song is powerful and a great song to sing-a-long to in a car ride. It is a past time for me to play this song and scream the lyrics when I’m feeling angry or sad.



Kathryn Nie

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Hey guys! My name is Katie Nie and I'm a sophomore at Marist College. I am originally from Orange County, California and I am majoring in Communications with a concentration in Advertising and Public Relations.
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