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Six Secrets to a Succesful Spring (Semester)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Marist chapter.

1. Wake Up Early​

Whether you are getting up for your 9:00 class, or you’re free until 3:30, rise bright and early — this doesn’t have to be the crack of dawn, but before the dining hall packs up breakfast to serve lunch. 

Starting your day with the birds chirping and the sun shining will give you time to plan and ensure a successful day. “I don’t have enough time anymore,” because you slept in never needs to be an excuse! Procrastination? We don’t know her anymore. 

2. Eat A Healthy Breakfast — Oh, and just eat breakfast 

Now I will be the first to admit, I quite publicly did not “believe” in breakfast. But Mom’s “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” spiel is quite true. College is hectic and chances are you won’t get a chance to eat lunch, therefore, start your day with something filling and nutritious to get propel you through the day. This could be a smoothie, a bowl of cereal, some eggs, toast with nut butter, or hey — that leftover pizza you have in your fridge for all I care. 

Don’t have time for an actual meal? I’ve been there girl! Try stocking up on some RX Bars or Larabars. Both brands create about 200 calorie Fruit & Nut Bars with just a handful of ingredients – all of which you can pronounce and match to an image. Groundbreaking, I know!   

3. Write a To-Do List

Now, this — this is my absolute favorite. Studies done by psychologists for the Journal of Experimental Psychology, in “The Effects of Bedtime Writing on Difficulty Falling Asleep,” have found that writing about your worries for the next day, or your tasks to accomplish facilitate easier sleep, and of course, a more productive tomorrow! Writing down your schedule, and all of the additional tasks you may need to accomplish in between will keep you on track for the day – all while practicing good time management! Each time you complete a task, check it off either on the Notes app on your phone, your handy dandy weekly planner, or the reminder you asked Siri to alert you about on Monday at 2:00 pm. Checking the boxes allows you to receive a small (very small) but effective reward each time you complete a task. If you’re anything like me, this will drive to pencil in all those little check marks before the day is done. 

4. Exercise!

This can range from hitting the gym for an intense workout, a light jog, a pick-up game with friends, or making up a fun dance combo with a friend! It’s pretty universally known that exercising releases endorphins which can ultimately put you in a better mood and lower stress levels. 

Classes more your thing? More often than not colleges will offer daily Zumba, Yoga, even boxing classes! Some schools even offer dance classes for credits, and others go as far as surfing and scuba diving! 

Don’t be afraid to search up your gym’s class schedule, or flip through the program of studies for a fun class!

5. Get Involved on Campus! 

School can be a lot. And homework can be even more. But chances are you chose your college based on academics and the social environment. As a person who can’t seem to stop getting involved, I can truly attest that it will make your college experience 1000 times more gratifying. Joining clubs, working an on-campus job, or getting involved on a sports team allows you to meet other students from all different backgrounds, and of all different ages, but you are all united by one common interest or goal. The more you build a name for yourself on campus, the more insight you will receive on what your college has to offer, and more opportunities will come your way. (Also, chances are it will build your resume, which is always a plus). 

So, go to that meeting! Explore the club fair! And pick up a ticket to your Spring Concert or the off-campus field trip you’ve seen being advertised!

6. Take Some Time for Yourself 

All five of the points above are absolutely amazing, but not if it’s compromising your mental health. Whether you’re an introvert who loves some time to themselves or a total extrovert who could socialize all night long, it’s important to listen to your body and know when you should just take a chill pill for a day or a couple of hours and RELAX. 

Pull out a face mask, watch a movie with some friends, or just take a nap. Set aside your work when you get a chance and catch up on yourself.  


When she's not scrolling through Instagram or using her kitchen counter as a ballet barre, Brooke is a Journalism and Public Relations student at Marist College. Seeing the impact she has been able to have on young girls through dance and gymnastics, and the lessons they have taught her in return, has encouraged Brooke to focus her messages on female empowerment. See more from Brooke on Instagram @brooke.alexis1128