Secret Santa Gifts for Every Friend (Under $25!)

We all know gift shopping can be a stressful time. From throwing elbows during one of Target’s biggest sales to fishing through racks on racks of clothes looking for the perfect gift, it can be nearly unbearable. So when your friends come up with the great idea of doing Secret Santa it only adds onto the stress of finals season. This list offers a gift for each type of friend you may draw (and they’re all on Amazon Prime, so no fighting over the last item on the shelf!).


For the Beauty Guru

With 16 masks, each skin concern is covered from redness to dryness to acne. For the price, it’s a steal! - ($10.79)

For the Zen Master

Sometimes when working out, we find ourselves blanking on what our next move will be. Help your friend out next time they’re on the mat by giving them endless possibilities for their next pose. - ($12.43)

For the Foodie

A mini quesadilla maker is an essential that no one thinks of – who wouldn’t want a quesadilla at any moment? - ($15.33)

For the Fashionista

We all have that super stylish friend who kills it in every outfit, but her feet may be killing her! Save her soles with this 3-in-1 kit for her highest heels. - ($16.99)

For the Wine Mom

We all have the one friend who gets a bit clumsy after one too many glasses of wine. Help them out with this quick fix for spills! - ($10.60)

For the Dog Lover

Make taking selfies with their dog much easier. Your friend and their followers will thank you for this one! - ($9.99)


For the Tea Drinker

The perfect to go bottle for the friend who is always on the run. This infuser bottle will provide the sense of calm in your friend’s busy schedule and she’ll think of how grateful she is with every sip! - ($24.95)

For the Bookworm

These bookends make a beautiful and chic addition to any collection. - ($22.99)

For the Green-Thumb

This terrarium will add some freshness to their stuffy dorm room! And, as a plus, it’s totally on trend with the gold minimalist theme. - ($22.98)

For the Writer

This journal gives your friend a chance to write about a new and different topic everyday and to see how her writing advances over the course of five years. - ($11.55)