Review: 'Confess' on Go90

If you haven't read at least one book by Colleen Hoover, can you even call yourself a book lover? Colleen Hoover is the amazing author of New Adult books such as Slammed, Hopeless, and It Ends With Us. Hoover has been making headlines recently because her book, Confess, has made its way to the small screen. CoHorts around the world can finally rejoice that some of their favorite characters have come to life in a new Go90 show. All episodes of Confess are now available for FREE on Go90, and HC Marist has the dish on your next binge-obsession. 

I am not ashamed to admit that I finished Confess in one sitting - literally, one sitting, I didn't even get up to pee (that's dedication). While Confess wasn't my favorite Hoover novel (Slammed will always have my heart), I couldn't wait to see Auburn and Owen brought to life on screen. Confess follows the story of Auburn Reed, a single-mom who is fighting to gain custody of her son from her crazy-controlling "in-laws." Auburn meets Owen Gentry, a L.A. artist who draws his inspiration from anonymous confessions people slip through his door. The paintings are amazing, and will inspire you to pick up a sketchpad and imagine your own confession. Owen has a few dark secrets of his own, but when these two (*fatefully*) cross paths, it is romance-gold. 

Switched at Birth's Katie Leclerc personifies Auburn perfectly, capturing her awkward quirkiness and pulling at our heartstrings in every scene with Adam and A.J. Owen (OMG) Gentry is played by the beautiful Ryan Cooper who will be your next celebrity obsession. Cooper and Leclerc have amazing chemistry and their interpretations of the characters do the book justice. No wonder Colleen Hoover couldn't help but nudge her way into a scene - the characters she created were standing right in front of her!

While Confess may be short (just when you fall in love with the story, it's over!), the plot stays true to the book, and that is all any book lover can ask for. Even if you have not read Confess, I promise that you will enjoy this heart-wrenching story of love, loss, fate, and triumph. Thank you to Awestruck and Go90 for making CoHorts' dreams come true!