A Quick and Easy Way To Make Some Extra Pocket Change

If there’s one thing that every college student knows, it’s that college is not cheap. From tuition, to textbooks, to groceries--it’s tough to have anything left over for leisure! Lucky for you, I’ve decided to share one of my little tips for making some spare pocket change.

Please note: you are NOT going to make a ton of money from this. This won’t replace a job or another source of income, but it might help you save up to splurge on some extra snacks at the supermarket (you know, for self care purposes).

Enter: SurveyJunkie.com! Survey Junkie is a survey panel website created back in 2005 with over 3,000,000 members. They offer tons of surveys from different sites for you to take and earn rewards for. For every survey, you earn points, and the system is pretty simple – 100 points = $1. Each survey gives you somewhere between 10 and 150 points, depending on if you qualify, if they still have space open, etc. Once you reach $10, you’re able to redeem your points for money (or a gift card if you’d prefer) through Paypal or a direct transfer to your bank account. However, you don’t have to redeem your points until you reach $50, so you can build up your credit to get some more money.

Personally, I take these surveys constantly whenever I have a free moment. In three months, I made $40 and redeemed that. And while this might seem like a small payout from such a large amount of time, it’s worth having a little extra money to rely on in case you really need it. I deposited mine just in time to get my sister a birthday present so I didn’t have to worry about spending money I didn’t have. It’s a great backup to fall back on if you need it, and sometimes the surveys are actually really fun and interesting. And, most of the time, they’re super easy and won’t take nearly as much time as they say they will. I’ve gotten to take surveys about commercials, technology, radio station playlists, and so many more things.

Before you start worrying about this not being legit, don’t worry, I’ve done my research. They've been certified as an accredited business by the Better Business Bureau since June 2017, and have a rating on the BBB of an A+. In addition, a quick Google search will bring you to tons of positive reviews of the site. While many reiterate points I’ve made, (you won’t make a ton of money, it takes some time to make any, etc) the general consensus seems to be that creating a Survey Junkie account and just hopping on every now and then could be worth it.

Trust me, you’ll thank me when you’re staring down some really delicious junk food at Stop and Shop and wondering if you have the money for it.