A New Stranger Things Teaser Just Dropped and I'm in Shock


The New Stranger Things Teaser Just Dropped and I'm in Shock

By Victoria Cremin


So, after bingeing eight episodes of pure madness and suspense last summer, audiences everywhere had their hearts broken when Chief Jim Hopper died in a fiery explosion as he saved the world. Needless to say, everyone was absolutely devastated and Eleven (Jane?), whose only ever had a real home in Hawkins, is forced to move away with the Byers family. However, over the past few months, there has been some speculation among fans that Hopper didn’t die at all. Until now, these rumors weren’t much more than passionate Hopper-fans concocting wild stories to convince us all of Hopper’s survival. Personally, I was not willing to believe these whisperings and risk having my soul crushed all over again. UNTIL TODAY! 

Today, Netflix released the season four teaser trailer for Stranger Things, titled “From Russia with love…” and it was 55 seconds of pure amazement. JIM HOPPER IS ALIVE! The trailer takes place in a frozen tundra at what appears to be a Russian labor camp surrounded by guards, dogs, and barbwire. It looks like this season is going to be even more action-packed than the last one. But of course, the great reveal comes when one of the prisoners removes his hood to reveal a worn, bald, clean-shaven version of our favorite police chief!

Of course, the show’s avid viewers are already speculating what this could mean for the upcoming season. Not only are they focusing on if and how Hopper will escape, but what will happen when he does. How will he get back to Hawkins? Will he see Eleven/Jane again? What will he do knowing the Byers and his adoptive daughter have skipped town?

On top of all the Hopper drama, last season left audiences with several other cliffhangers. Will Eleven get her powers back? Will Max and Lucas stay together? Can Mike and Eleven handle long-distance? Or Nancy and Jonathan? What about Suzie? For all we know, Billy might actually be alive! The only thing fans seem to know for certain is that this season is going to be just as epic as the last three. I’m counting down the days until Netflix releases a full-length trailer!