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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Marist chapter.

I’ve recently come to understand the hype behind Smoothie King. I have never heard of this franchise in my life even though most of you are probably very familiar with it. It doesn’t exist where I live, so I assumed that it was just another basic smoothie chain. However, ever since I visited a few weeks ago, I found out that they offer different categories of smoothies that fit your current needs, and it’s amazing. Listed below is each type of smoothie blend you can choose from and my personal favorite associated with each:



Peanut Butter Power Plus Chocolate



Angel Food Slim



Immune Builder Mixed Berry


Break Time Blends-

Coffee D-Lite Vanilla


They also offer Kids Blends which includes 6 different options.


Go try out Smoothie King if you haven’t before, it’s my new obesession.


Ellie O'Hara

Marist '21

Ellie O'Hara is the Senior Editor for Her Campus Marist :) She is a sophomore majoring in Journalism with a minor in Business. She loves everything outdoors from hiking, to running, to swimming, etc. She has a passion for writing and dreams of working for a magazine company similar to National Geographic. Traveling to unique areas of the world to write and take pictures would make all of her dreams come true.
Sarah Dorothy Lynch is a junior at Marist College studying Journalism and Public Relations with a passion for writing, travel, and bread (all varieties). If she ever met Emma Stone, she would likely keel over.