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A New Shawn Mendes? My Take on “In My Blood” and “Lost In Japan”

Honestly, I have never been a huge fan of Shawn Mendes.  It’s not that I dislike him, but I’ve just never really liked him.  There has always been something lacking for me, and while his songs are catchy, I find them to sound extremely similar to each other.  I noticed that there was a lot of buzz surrounding the release of two new tracks, “Lost in Japan” and “In My Blood” the other day, and decided to give Mendes another chance–maybe I have been too quick to judge.

I listened to “Lost in Japan” first, and I have to say, I am a fan.  It’s all things Mendes’ previous songs were, catchy and upbeat with a singer songwriter vibe.  However, one thing stood out to me distinctively; it’s different.  “Lost In Japan” displays a smoother, more mature sound that I really appreciate.  I wouldn’t mind hearing this song repeatedly on the radio (as his songs often appear to do).  

Next, is “In My Blood.”  This song leaves me a little skeptical in terms of lyrics.  While heartfelt and emotional, I feel there could be a little more artistry present in an effort to match the sound.  However, I seem to be a harsh critic when it comes to Mendes for reasons that even I am unaware of, and despite my hesitancies, I am impressed.  The tone of the song is a little rockier than usual, with a chorus that soars.  It’s definitely a song that I can picture one listening to on a long car ride.

After giving these songs a listen, I’ve gained a better respect for Shawn Mendes as an artist.  I’m enjoying his new sound so far, and I hope that he continues to surprise me in the release of his next album.  

Elizabeth is a senior at Marist College studying Public Relations and Advertising.  Currently serving as the Editor in Chief and CC of the Marist Chapter, she enjoys writing about entertainment, music, lifestyle, and news.  
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