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Meet Mackensi Considine: HC’s New Social Media Director and Event Planner

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Marist chapter.

Meet our new Social Media and Event Planner, Mackensi Considine! With this addition of yet another leadership role on campus, Mackensi continues to prove she is a true #girlboss. She currently oversees the volunteers on the Fashion Show Production Team, which plans the Silver Needle Runway Show. Get to know Mackensi!

Grade/Major: Sophomore Fashion Merchandising major with a concentration in promotion and a minor in Communications and Public Relations

HC: Favorite Sodexo food?

MC: Tacos on Taco tuesday :-)

HC: Favorite 2017 fashion trend?

MC: Fishnet tights under ripped jeans

HC: What encouraged you to get involved with HC Marist?

MC: Girl Power and being able to express myself through writing

HC: What are some events members and non-members can get excited for this semester?

MC: Some super cool fundraisers! Nothing is finalized yet but maybe something involving puppies……. :) stay tuned!

HC: What’s something unique about yourself that not many people know?

MC: Both my sister and I were on Broadway when we were younger and we are both professionally working actresses in New York City

HC: What are you career aspirations post-graduation?

MC: Working in the fashion industry as an event planner and #HBIC

HC: Who or what inspires you to be #girlboss?

MC: My mom has made me who I am today and taught me how to be confident and amazing and she is the ultimate #girlboss!

Author’s Note: Welcome to HC Marist Team, Mackensi!

Anna Marotta is a Junior at Marist College where she is studying Marketing. She is extremely right-brained and loves to write, create, and travel. You can find Anna with her ten best friends at Lola's Cafe or stalking dogs on Marist Beach. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram! @annarosemarotta