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Matt Bono: Sports Connoisseur

Name: Matt Bono

Year: Sophomore

Major: PR and Sports Communication

HC: I know you love sports, so I have to ask, how did you become so interested in them?

MB: I always played as a kid and I guess it just stuck. I would also say that I love watching them because I always used to watch the Yankees with my grandma as a child.  Now it is just like a drug and something I love.

HC: You must be involved with sports on campus.

MB: I do intramural basketball and soccer.

HC: Which is your favorite to play/watch? (Although I know that must be a difficult question.)

MB: Soccer’s my favorite to play just because I’ve been playing it my whole life, also because it’s more centered around team work. Baseball is my favorite to watch because I love the Yankees.

HC: What are some of your other favorite teams and players?

MB: The Patriots and the Lakers. My favorite players are A-Rod (although he retired), Tom Brady, and Gary Sanchez.

HC: Clearly, you’re heavily involved with intramurals here on campus. What are some of the other things you’re involved in?

MB: I do Marist TV and Marist Radio. For radio, I do a two hour sports debate show with my friend and we basically just discuss topics from that week in sports. For Marist TV, we rotate positions from cameraman to teleprompter and you have the chance to be the anchor [too].

HC: What is a fun fact not many people know about you?

MB: Umm…I have two baby teeth still.

HC: What is something interesting that has happened to you this year?

MB: First Take is a sports debate show on ESPN and they are running a contest called “First Take Your Take” where you submit a video of a topic they have done on the show and the winner gets a trip out to their studio and you get to be on the show with them. I guess my video was one of the better ones from yesterday.

Check out Matt on First Take here: https://twitter.com/firsttake/status/793830345435148292          

Tune in to Matt’s radio show on Periscope every Saturday from 6pm-8pm: https://www.periscope.tv/w/auo1HzFWR2p2d1p4cVBFT2t8MU1ueG5YWWdXcGpHT59k4jjHLEU037YNF7XxKMKDuGtfHXQRM5DlSO_cLa1s

Follow Matt on twitter for sports updates and commentary: @bonomatt13

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