An Introvert's Guide to Spring Break

For some people, spring break is a time to look forward to hanging out with your friends, going out, having a good time and socializing a ton. But for others, that seems like the least relaxing way to take a break. What do you do when every article you read about what to do over spring break centers around these types of activities and you’re an introvert?


Welcome to the Introvert’s Guide to Spring Break: a comprehensive list of spring break activities for those of us who are not overly fond of the idea of a super social week at home.


1. Do some reading!

You know all those books you’ve been wanting to read but your school work has been getting in the way of? Now’s the time to check some of them off your list! See how many books you can get through in the week, and, if you’re interested, sign up for GoodReads and post some reviews!


2. Or, catch up on some movies (or TV shows)!

The Oscars just passed and there were a ton of big winners and awesome nominees. Spring break would be a great time to check out the ones you weren’t able to see before the big night! If you need some suggestions, some of the ones that won big at the award show were “Green Book,” “A Star is Born,” “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “If Beale Street Could Talk,” “Roma,” “BlacKkKlansman” and more!

Source: Movietime

3. Pick up old hobbies again.

It’s easy to lose touch with the things we enjoy doing the most while at college, stressing over tests, papers and projects. Spring Break is the perfect time to rediscover hobbies you lost touch with since being away from home. From knitting to playing guitar, doing things you enjoy is not only a good way to spend break but also a great way to destress. Or, find a new hobby you enjoy that can help you relax during break and the school year.

Source: We Are IU

4. Volunteer!

Even though you’re only home for the week, there are tons of places that would love to have your help for the short period of time. Find something that interests you or makes you happy and get involved in some way. Tutoring, animal shelters and food pantries are some great options!

Source: Tenor

5. If all else fails, take a nap.

Let’s be real, your sleep schedule probably sucks at the moment. So, use your break to catch up on some much-needed rest so that you’re fresh and ready to conquer the rest of the semester (and the social activities you’ll likely have to participate in). But, don’t forget to make at least a little time for friends and family. Remember, they’ve missed you!

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