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For four years, I have been the drummer for my band, Nautics. We play a lot of shows around the five boroughs of NYC, and sometimes outside of the city as well. Check out our top songs (listed below) on Spotify: 


1. “I’ll Be Waiting, I’ll Be Waiting” off of our first album (“The Misadventures of an Indestructible Melancholy City”) and it has 5,722 listens.


2. “Makeup, Makeup” is the fourth song on the new album (“The Cursed Jinx of a Quiet Conundrum”). 



3. “The Winter, The Winter” is the first song off the new album (“The Cursed Jinx of a Quiet Conundrum”). I am the drummer of the band, but on this song I also got to sing backup vocals.


4. “Island, Island” is the last song off the new album (“The Cursed Jinx of a Quiet Conundrum”), I also sing backup vocals on this song.

5. “The Galaxy Song, The Galaxy Song” is the last song on our second album (“The Curving Cracks of a Concrete Jungle”). It is a slow song.





I am a sophomore at Marist College, studying psychology. I am also a musician, I am the drummer in the band Nautics, we are an NYC based band. We write originals and have a spotify, ITunes and etc. We are an alternative indie rock band.
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