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Cast Your Vote: Joe Pugliese and Amy Majkrzak

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Marist chapter.

Meet Joe Pugliese and Amy Majkrzak as they campaign for your vote to serve as Marist’s Student Body President and Executive Vice President next year.

Her Campus: How long have you two known each other?

Joe Pugliese and Amy Majkrzak: We have been friends for two years now. We met while working together on the Student Academic Council last year.

HC: What is the dumbest thing you two have done together?

JP & AM: Running against two of the most popular kids on campus. We are definitely the underdogs in this election!

HC: Describe your relationship and how you work together.

AM: Joe says something ridiculous; I tell him to think logically; we revise. We make a good team. He has wild, amazing ideas and I have a good way of helping them become reality.

HC: What about your relationship outside of student government?

AM: Outside of SGA you can catch Joe trying to convince me to start watching “Suits” while I repeatedly tell him I don’t have the time. Seriously. This is a conversation we have daily. We’re good friends, which is something we think will be a great asset to our administration. We aren’t a team that just randomly came together. We are able to speak honestly to each other, and still have a good time.

HC: Tell us about your ideas if you were to be elected as Student Body President and Executive Vice President.

JP & AM: The biggest thing our campaign is going to tackle is the registration issue facing our school. Currently 75% of our business classes have overrides and the same goes for 52% of our communications classes, 54% of our fashion classes, 96% of our economics classes, 50% of our political science classes, and pretty much the same for every other field of study. We actually have a 12 page proposal that has the support of the two largest faculty committees on campus and we’d be sending it to the administration the first day we’re in office. We’re also looking at tackling issues like internship and career opportunities, parking and transportation, changing the status quo of SGA and so much more!

HC: What are your thoughts on working with the new president?

JP & AM: We’re really excited to work with Dr. Yellen! He has a background in law, which is a field both of us intend to go into. It will be interesting teaching him what Marist is really about and helping to instill future traditions.

HC: On a lighter note, what is your favorite Marist memory?

JP: Oh, when we won the Student Government election…in two days.

AM: Any time the weather is nice enough to have students out on Marist Beach. It’s awesome seeing everyone hanging out and just enjoying life.

HC: What would college you tell high school you?

JP: Go out, like all the time, FOMO is real.

AM: Make sure to enjoy all the little moments that make up your daily life: the people you randomly say hello to in the hallway and the feeling you have when you’re at a big game and acing that test you barely studied for. Time goes fast, you’ll be wishing you were back sooner than you think.

HC: Okay, last question, who would win in a fight between you?

JP: Amy. She actually already has.

AM: It’s true.

Click here to cast your vote in the 2016 Marist Student Government Elections. Online voting is open until 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 2.

Lizzy is a co-campus correspondent at Marist College where she is majoring in communication and minoring in studio art, spanish and psychology. She runs for the cross country and track teams, is a member of the dance ensemble and PRSSA and serves as the Class of 2016 President. Lizzy is a self-diagnosed peanut butter addict and a fan of snail mail. Follow her on Twitter @ellpeps.