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Campus Cutie: Willis Rayton

Year: Sophomore

Major/Minor: Business Finance

Hometown:  North Hampton, MA

Favorite Hobbies: Physical fitness and skiing

HC: Describe yourself in 3 words: Well-rounded, fun and driven. My friends literally call me “Work Hard Willis.”

HC: If you were a flavor of ice cream, what flavor would you be? Black raspberry because the raspberries are sweet and the ice cream is sour; that’s kind of like me.

HC: Biggest fear? Not being able to provide for my family someday,and not being able to help out my parents. I want to send them somewhere nice.

HC: Fun fact? My parents met in forestry, so my siblings and I all have a tree-related name. I’m Willis MacNair-Maple Rayton.

HC: Ideal weekend? Go out Friday, wake up really early on Saturday, eat a bacon, egg and cheese, and spend the rest of the day skiing on fresh powder.

HC: Dream vacation? Hiking and backpacking in Norway is at the top of my list right now.

HC: Celebrity crush? Halle Berry. She’s really good looking. She’s a great actress too.

HC: If you were stuck on a desert island with only three objects and one person, what and who would you bring? I would bring a machete, a chicken and a hen. I would use the machete for making a shelter and breed the chicken and the hen. They’re an invasive species, so they would multiply quickly. I’d never run out of food. That’s genius! And I’d bring a girl … do I have to give a specific one? Cause I just know I’d bring a girl.

HC: Unusual hobby? I used to compete in Nordic skiing. Basically, you’re on two skiis, but you’re on flat ground. It’s grueling — that’s pretty much why I stopped doing it. 

HC: Favorite Disney movie? Mulan. We had it on VHS, and I watched it all the time. I liked the songs, and she kicks ass.

HC: Favorite holiday? Christmas. I love giving gifts and seeing the expressions on people’s faces … I also like receiving gifts.

HC: Best compliment you’ve ever received? The one you gave me earlier. You said you’ve never heard anyone say anything negative about me. That’s really nice to know.

HC: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Hopefully working toward an environmental movement. My ideal job would be working in the automotive industry with electric cars.

And yes, ladies, he is single.


Photo credit: Willis Rayton

I am a junior at Marist majoring in Communication with a minor in music. I love to sing, act and write. In my spare time you can find me in the kitchen whipping up some ridiculously over-complicated cupcakes, or running around after my 1 year-old nephew.
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