Books to Read Based On Your Favorite TV Shows

If you clicked on this article, then chances are that you’re someone who loves to get lost in a good book. But, in between classes, homework, jobs, extracurriculars, and the incredibly crazy times we’re living in, it can be hard to find time for browsing library shelves. So, if you’re struggling with what title to pick up next, here are a few recommendations based off television shows that you already enjoy.


If you love to watch “Criminal Minds,” you should read “The Naturals” Series

The Naturals series by Jennifer Lynn Barnes is perfect for fans of the Criminal Minds TV show, because both works allow you to get inside the villain’s head. Similar to the show, these books focus on determining the motives, emotions, and psychological reasoning of the bad guy in order to bring them to justice. The books also provide interesting and compelling characters with unique backstories that help bring a sense of teamwork and commitment to the novels. If you want to check these books out, you can read more summaries and review at


If you love to watch “Downton Abbey,” you should read “Manor of Secrets

Manor of Secrets by Katherine Longshore is set just one year before the first season of Downton Abbey. This quick, stand-alone read is perfect for those who are craving a historical piece filled with the same “upstairs vs. downstairs” drama for which the British television show is famous. Although the main characters might not have similar backgrounds they are able to utilize their differences in order to reshape one another’s lives. Despite their rocky beginning, by the end of the novel their friendship is as strong as Mary Crawley and Anna Bates’. Fans of the “Abbey” will absolutely love the “Manor.”


Bonus: Need more periodic pieces to pass the time? Fans of the show will also love the At Somerton Series by Leila Rasheed. Check it out here


If you love to watch “The 100,” you should read “The 100.”

Fans of the popular sci-fi drama on the CW network, might not know that The 100 is based on a book series of the same name by Kass Morgan. There is no doubt that avid watchers of the show will enjoy getting a new perspective on their favorite characters, especially since the show’s finale has aired in September. Those already missing the show will be able to re-immerse themselves in that world with the series. For a fun twist, readers can even read the series with friends and see who can notice the most difference between the series and the show! Find out more about the books on goodreads!

Bonus: Did you start watching the show because you already loved the books? The “Chemical Garden” series by Lauren DeStefano has a similar futuristic, sci-fi setting, as well lovable characters worth rooting for.


If you love to watch “The Bachelor,” you should read “The Selection

The Selection” by Kiera Cass takes place in a not-too-distant future, and provides all the heart-warming romance of The Bachelor, along with the fierce competition. These books perfectly capture everything fans love about the television show, with a royal twist. Essentially, a young prince must choose between several young ladies from different social classes to not only be his bride, but the future ruler of their country. Viewers looking for a strong female character and Bachelor-level romance will fall head-over-heels in love with this story. The best part is that Netflix is already adapting the novels into a movie that is currently due to premiere next year!

Bonus: Readers who enjoyed The Selection will love the newest series by Kiera Cass, The Betrothed series. This another royalty-centered romance, but instead of the futuristic setting, this is a fantasy and historical romance!


If you love to watch “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” you should read “The Rise of Kyoshi

While it might seem strange to include a popular cartoon on this list, Avatar: The Last Airbender broke records in July for being in Netflix’s “Top Ten” shows for the longest consecutive time ever, a total of 61 days. Unsurprisingly, the streaming network is trying to reboot the series with a live-action remake show (which will hopefully be better than the terrible live-action movie from 2010. A decade later and I’m still shocked at how poorly it was done). Avid watchers of The Last Airbender will probably know about the series of comic books that follow the main characters after the show ends (Check them out here: However, for fans looking searching for a lengthier read, there is now a full-blown novel starring Avatar’s fictional feminist icon, Avatra Kyoshi. So far, the  book has stellar reviews and gives great insight into the history of the Avatar-world. Whether readers love the show or are just looking for a strong female protagonist, this book is sure to impress!