Best Ice Cream and Gelato in NYC

It’s May, which means summer is right around the corner and it’s almost time for ice cream to be an acceptable meal! Here are the best spots around NYC to get some delicious ice cream:  

Milk & Cream Cereal Bar

Location: Mott St- between Chinatown and Little Italy

Milk & Cream is an awesome mix of ice cream with cereal and other toppings! You can pick a pre-made mix off their menu or pick your own combo to make a new creation. My favorite add-ins are Lucky Charms, cookie dough and chocolate crunchies!


Location: 8th Ave- Theatre District (multiple locations)

Amorino is definitely the best place for gelato in NYC! They shape the gelato into a rose and you can even add a gelato-filled macaron on top. Choose up to three flavors to make your rose stand out! My favorite gelato flavors here are tiramisu, dulce de leche and chocolate. Make sure to check out their menu for other cool creations like crepes and waffles!


Location: Mott St- Chinatown 10Below is rolled ice cream and so good!! I love to get the s’mores with an oreo and chocolate drizzle on top. Be sure to watch them make your ice cream into rolls on the frozen plates at -10 degrees, hence their name!

MO Gelato

Location: Mulberry St- Little Italy

​MO Gelato is another great gelato place but my favorite thing from here is the gelato on a warm brioche bun! This dessert is common in Italy and Mo Gelato does it so well. Make sure you take a quick pic before the gelato starts to melt!


Location: Four World Trade Center- Downtown

Eataly is amazing for all things Italy! And their gelato is no exception. Located on the upper level of the World Trade Center Mall, there is a cute seating area by the gelato and bakery! Check out the pastries while you’re there because they’re just as good! Bill’s Bar & Burger

Location: 51st St- Rockefeller Center

And finally, a milkshake feature. Bill’s has awesome milkshakes as well as food and is a reasonably-priced place in a usual tourist trap area. They have classic shakes like vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. For one of their signature shakes, try the Oreo shake (pictured left), or to be a little bit more extravagant, order from their Monster Shake section and try the Salted Caramel Bliss (pictured right). No matter which shake you choose, you can’t go wrong at Bill’s! I hope you all enjoy ice cream season and try out some of these places! Thanks for reading and happy almost summer!

(All photos courtesy of Julia Cuttitta)