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A Bad Mom’s Christmas: The Best Holiday Movie Since Elf

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Marist chapter.

I got to see A Bad Moms Christmas last week for the exclusive early movie showing for Regal Crown Card members. There will be no spoilers in this article because everyone needs to see this movie and laugh through it themselves!

My friend, shout out to Gina, and I went together and we were so excited because we got $5 medium popcorn combos as part of the ticket! We each had medium popcorns and medium drinks, more than enough for the two of us! 

For anyone who saw Bad Moms, this one is 10 times better! I laughed so hard the entire movie and enjoyed every second of it. The movie had me wishing for Christmas even before Halloween!! And this time, the girls’ moms come to town for the holidays. If that is not reason enough to see the movie, then This Is Us star Justin Hartley, a firefighter turned stripper should be your motivation! 

This movie will make you laugh so hard you will cry. Just please go see this movie and you will understand. I am going again as soon as the movie releases!


I also highly recommend going to Regal Crown Club special events. The next one is November 16th for a double showing of Wonder Woman and the premiere of Justice League, and I will be there hoping that Super Man rises from the dead–aka please let Henry Cavill be in the movie!! Happy movie going!