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Are CBD Oils Effective?

Cannabinoids comes from the hemp part of the marijuana plants. Despite being from marijuana its does not get you high, only relaxes you. It is completely legal in a few states, while being legal with a doctor’s recommendation in other states. It is sold at smoke and vape shops, but is mostly sold online. CBD contains the CB2 receptor that effects the immune system. This allows for pain relief, less anxiety and decreased inflammation. However, there is little proof about the effects of CBD. It is a newer product so the long-term effects are still unknown.

I have first-hand witnessed the stigma associated with CBD. I had a friend who was very stressed, but every time I mentioned the oil she refused. I only recommend it because I have done extensive research on the subject. I’ve read many articles stating the pros and cons in order to determine if it was actually helpful. The major cons were the under researched long-term effects and that it can lower blood pressure. She could not handle all the stress that her busy schedule as well as family problems were causing her so she ended up trying some. After that she realized how wrong she was. 

Yes, it was from the marijuana plant but it helped her relax in a healthy way. It did not make her sleepy or groggy, just relaxed her. I do not believe it should be taken unless it is truly needed. I have concluded that CBD oil should not be the only thing you use to relax, like any substance it is an additive in order to make you feel better. You should also be exercising or doing meditation or listening to soothing music. There are no addictive properties but like smoking marijuana people could get “addicted” to the feeling. However, CBD oil will work to help you relax enough to focus.

Despite CBD oil working as most supplements, people look down upon it. People will take kava root pills in order to prevent anxiety and promote relaxation. These have the same effects as CBD oils; however, it comes from the marijuana plant. This deters people because they believe they are taking a drug that will still get them high, or addicted. The FDA has recognized CBD oil as a medication for epilepsy, but the supplements sold at vape shops are not. It has been found that a few supplements have contained traces of THC, which is the chemical that creates the high. These products have been made illegal, yet there is always a chance that some THC could be in the oil. Before buying any CBD products it is important to do research. Like any supplement you need to determine ahead of time if the product is safe and works effectively. A company I have found to have safe products is Green Roads. Their website explains how CBD works with your body, the legality of it and the lab reports for every batch of oil created so the customer knows exactly what they are getting.

CBD oil has been found to be a useful treatment for epilepsy. It has become the first CBD medication approved by the FDA. Patients taking CBD oil have found a decrease in the amount and severity of seizures. It is unknown specifically how the oil effects the brain, but it is assumed it reacts with the GPR55 receptor in the brain. There has been promising data that CBD oil helps arthritis, diabetes and cancer. It has been found that CBD has the ability to stop cancer cell growth and, in some cases, reverse the growth. CBD could be a natural way to cure cancer or prevent seizures with limited side effects. With the amount of stress the average person carries, CBD oil would be extremely helpful. Overall, CBD oil is beneficial and more research should be conducted on its usefulness.



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