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Affordable Ways to Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home (With A Foxy Touch)

Have you gotten used to being away at college yet? Seven weeks in, you might be feeling homesick, or want to show more of your school pride. Either way, here are some ways to make your dorm room feel more at home with that Marist Fox touch. 

Fox Ring Holder

Showing school pride right on your dresser when someone walks into your room and it is perfect for when you take your rings off to take a shower. For only $18, you can add Marist pride to your room with this cute fox ring-holder. 

Welcome Mat

Perfect for those who are in tour rooms and always have people walking in, or just for a rainy day. When someone walks into your room, they will see a cute fox on your floor as a floor mat.  

The Pillow

Lastly, for your bed- a fox pillow. This is what will catch people’s attention the most when they walk into your room. What better way to make your dorm feel at home than the place where we spend the most time (our beds)? 


Hi! My name is Adriana Cocucci and I am a freshman at Marist College. I love my family, my dog, crocheting, and a lot more! In the future I'd love to be a special education advocate and litigator.
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