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7 Reasons ANTM Was The Most Extra Show In The Universe

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably at least heard of the iconic reality show, America’s Next Top Model. Hosted by the inventor of smizing herself, Miss Tyra Banks, the show is a modeling competition where women and men go through various photo shoots and challenges in the hopes of becoming *Tyra Voice* America’s Next Top Model.

The show is infamous for coming up with wacky and strange catchphrases and challenges for the contestants to do, oftentimes having little to do with the truth of the fashion industry.

As a fashion major, I have to say this is my favorite show of all time. Is it in any way accurate to the actual happenings of the fashion world? Not at all. Am I still going to marathon it every weekend? Absolutely.


So sit back, smize, and enjoy the 7 fiercest ANTM moments that prove it’s the wildest show to ever exist.



  • Possibly the most iconic moment in both TV and cinema history. Everyone and their mother can recognize Tyra’s infamous breakdown. She was rooting for her!

    • Bonus: BE QUIET TIFFANY!



    Jade (Cycle 6)

  • Words cannot truly describe how much of an impact biracial butterfly Jade had on pop culture. She truly is the undiscovered supermodel.


    Killer Heels Challenge (Cycle 6)

  • When Tyra made this girl walk in almost 7 inch heels……because….. Fashion???????

    • Disclaimer: no respectable designer wants their models to break their feet on the runway


    Miss Jay’s Entire Existence

  • If you don’t think runway diva extraordinaire, Miss Jay Alexander, is the best part of ANTM, and society as a whole, you’re lying and you’re wrong.


    Tyra Pretending to Faint (Cycle 6)

  • If you can’t tell that Cycle 6 is my favorite Cycle, it is, and it’s for reasons like this. Like, what exactly was she trying to accomplish here by scaring them like this?? I’ve learned not to question Tyra’s decisions which brings us to our next point.


    Tyra’s Botched Makeovers

  • Listen… Tyra can do a lot of things, but the woman is only human. So many makeovers she’s assigned have been….. questionable at best. The amount of girls who have cried on makeover day says it all.


        Pendulum Runway (Cycle 14)

  • How does Tyra choose to teach these girls how to walk on the runway? Oh yeah…. SHE PUTS THEM ON A NARROW RUNWAY WITH HEAVY PENDULUMS SWINGING AT THEM. Pretty standard practice.

    • Disclaimer: 99% of designers would never intentionally harm their models because not only would it hurt the models, but it would also hurt their brand image to have it be represented with models who fell off the runway after being hit by pendulums…… just a thought……


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