5 Study Breaks That'll Keep You Going

As the end of the year slowly approaches finals are becoming extremely prevalent. Taking over almost every ounce of free time you have, studying and cramming can begin to feel like the only thing that exists. Having fallen down this rabbit hole too many times to count, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite study break activities that’ll hopefully bring a little light on those intense study sessions.

1) Go Outside

May finals might bring you down because you feel trapped inside for days on end. Sitting in your dorm or the library could start to feel like a prison cell, especially when spring is quickly arising. Tackling studying stress with sunshine and nice weather is usually a reliable trick to refocusing. Some outside time always clears my mind and boosts me with the energy to keep going. Either taking a nice walk or even moving your study session outside can perfectly combat your focus lulls.

2) Online Browse

After writing two pages of that research paper that’s been killing you or finishing that final chapter in your dull textbook, take a break and reward yourself. One of my favorite study break activities is online window shopping. I find myself using this solution constantly. Lingering on a store’s website and browsing a few pages of hair accessories, I feel my focus rejuvenate. Limiting myself to one page at a time, I set an effective standard for reward. Adding random junk to a shopping cart then exiting out of the browser always makes

3) Make A Study Playlist

Nothing motivates me more than a music related reward. Though at points a little distracting, I find music to be a crucial necessity of studying. Rarely ever doing work without a pair of earbuds in, I’ve found a lot of success in making certain playlists for certain studying moves. Now, I definitely wouldn’t suggest spending hours crafting a hundred song playlist, but devoting ten minutes to relaxing thinking about what songs you might want to hear is definitely a strategy to push you forward.

4) Watch Youtube

Now, this break can be a risk. I’ve definitely succumb to the millions of varieties of entertainment Youtube has to offer, yet it’s crucial you limit yourself to one or two videos. I’m talking absolutely no thirty minute vlogs, I mean short and sweet, strictly below seven minutes. Some personal favorites that ensure you won’t waste four hours scrolling is anything involving an animal or a David Dobrik vlog.

5) Dance It Out

I’m talking full Meredith Grey and Christina Yang dance break. Blast 3-5, scream, jump, or shake out all your pent up energy. This is study break is hands down my favorite way to get my attention back in order. Mindlessly flailing my arms around and yelling a jumble of lyrics never fails to clear my mind and makes my brain feel less like jello. For me, this is the most sure fire way to kick start my motivation back up, while also providing me a much needed escape.