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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Marist chapter.

We miss you Marist!  5 things we love about the best school around.

1) The people

Everyone is friendly and kind on this campus.  We truly are a family, and there were no doors ever left un-held for others walking by.

2) The professors

We have the best professors.  They truly care about their students, and give us guidance and opportunities in order to help us succeed and meet our goals.

3) The views

This one is easy.  The sunsets on the Marist Beach, overlooking the Hudson River, is easily one of the best things about Marist.

4) The opportunities

From internship offerings, to the Silver Needle Runway Show, to various clubs, Marist has so much to offer to its students

5) It’s our home

Marist truly is a family.  The campus has become our home, and it’s hard to be away for so long, but we’ll be back before we know it.