5 Best Friends You Have, And The Songs They Stand For

If you’re anything like me, music often equates to virtually everything going on in your life. Songs can mean anything. They can stand for emotions, the rough patch you’re going through and, sometimes, even people. All of types of friends can be represented in a multitude of songs, ranging from various different genres, artists and albums. Here are the songs that perfectly resemble those special friends in your life. 


#1 Your Forever Friend

Party In The U.S.A. By Miley Cyrus

You’ve known them since kindergarten. You’ve got your cute "how we met" story down pat and you know exactly how they got that scar on their wrist. They’re the one who lets you wear neon pink leggings from Justice and pun-covered crop tops from Delia’s; the one that has grown up with you and will one day be in your wedding party. This friend is your favorite throwback song that you both know all the words to. You’ve been through everything together and they’ll always be right by your side.


#2 Your Ray Of Sunshine

Build Me Up Buttercup By The Foundations

This song exudes happiness and so does this friend. This is the friend that will pick you up at 3 a.m. just to drive around; the friend that might not understand what you’re going through, but is always a shoulder to cry on and a smiling face when you need it. This one will make you pee your pants laughing over nothing and will check in on you no matter what time. You probably knew them casually before and then one day you were just best friends.


#3 Your Partner In Crime

Shake It By Metro Station

This friend could be many songs, ranging from Billy Joel to Elton John, but “Shake It” is somehow the only true fit. This is the friend you’re always talking to and texting constantly no matter how far apart you are. They don’t care what people think and they always remind you of how fun everything can be. They push you out of your comfort whenever you need it. You met them later than most of your other friends but now you can’t remember a time without them.


#4 Your Go-To

Slide By Calvin Harris  

Though this friend is an upbeat chart topper, they can be almost any song. They range from moody Maroon 5 anthems to a song you heard in a made for TV movie. They’re the type of friend that’d shave your legs for you if you needed them to and they’re always there to hold anyone’s hair back. They’ll binge eat like there’s no tomorrow and they’ll never hold anything against you. You probably knew them for a little bit but you only really met later on. The two of you have been inseparable since.


#5 Your Life Line

Bobby Jean By Bruce Springsteen

You didn’t know them growing up but you somehow have the same childhood nostalgia, so it’s only fitting that they’d be that one Bruce Springsteen song your dad used to play. This is the friend that knows exactly what to say when; the one who doesn’t need an invitation over. They stick up for you when you can’t do it for yourself. This friend came into your life exactly when you needed them most and they’ll stick with you forever.