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4 Very Important Lessons From Sophomore Year

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Marist chapter.

By: Natalie Ford

Sleep is Important

I thought my first year RA Brad was silly for saying getting enough sleep was essential for his success. BUT HE IS NOT WRONG. Yes, there will be nights when getting between seven-nine hours will be impossible. However, when you can take a break and get a good night’s rest, TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY! When you don’t sleep, you are crankier, less productive and less healthy. If you can only choose one self-care activity, choose sleep. You’ll be glad you did.


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Ballin’ on a Budget

Money does NOT grow on trees. I wish it did though. Since the money plant has yet to be invented and sold, you’ve got to make a budget! Budgeting may be as simple as choosing to walk instead of taking a cab, cooking more meals at home or not getting Starbucks (or Dunkin) every day. You can still have fun and save money!

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Communication is Key

I can’t read your mind. You can’t read my mind. That is why we must communicate. This applies to just about every situation in life一relationships, class projects, roommates and even your Uber driver. Make your plans and intentions clear in any roommate or romantic relationship. Just because you think that your mom, friend or roommates understand what’s going on, doesn’t mean that they actually do. Talk to them. Communicate. You’ll save yourself and your friends tons of trouble.  

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Class. Dance club. Baseball party. Movie night with the girls. Calling mom. Daily run at the gym. How do you do it all? Balance. It’s ok to be involved in many on-campus activities but, it’s not okay for you to stress yourself into doing nothing. You may need to skip a weekend of going out to finish that history paper or have a girls night to release some tension and relax. My policy is everything in moderation. Too much time spent on homework can increase your stress and not spending time with your friends can be bad for your mental health. So take a break and watch a episode of your favorite show!

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