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The 15 Stages of Getting Ready for a Marist Night Out

1. Omg this week killed me. I’m just going to order in Giacomo’s pasta and binge eat.

2. Wait. Which guy is going to what bar?


4. I’ve only been here a week and there’s already nothing to wear. I cycled through all of my clothes walking to class in the damn Sahara.

5. I’m just going to sneak into roomie’s closet…

6. Jackpot.

7. Oh no. This makeup is a no. I look like the Jenna Marbles drunk makeup tutorial. Why do I always go for the winged eyeliner?


8. Whatever.

9. Let’s all gather in the kitchen and play our Spotify party playlist and cheers to nonsensical things.

10. Oh god. Who rang the bell? Which RA is on duty? We’re done.

11. Omg you’re here! Lololol. We thought we were in trouble. I haven’t seen you in forevs!

12. We’ve been together now for a bit too long. You’re all starting to drive me crazy.

13. I swear, this girl winds up crying about something every weekend….

14. Ok, I’m done here. Someone call Phatz.

15. We out.

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Nicole Knoebel was the President and Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus Marist and is a former National Contributing Writer for Her Campus. She attended Marist College and majored in English (Writing) and minored in Journalism. Nicole has been an editorial intern at Marie Claire, Us Weekly, Seventeen and ELLE and spent a semester living in New York City to test out the Carrie Bradshaw life (minus the Manolos). You can follow her on Twitter at @nicoleknoebel!
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