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13 Signs You’re a Gartland Survivor

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Marist chapter.

1. You wanted to live in Foy but wound up in Gartland. Tears were shed on housing day.

2. You rearranged the furniture in your room and the living room 17 times only to realize that there’s only one way things can be set up because THERE’S NO ROOM.

3. If you were the ground floor house, you hated the people above you for stomping on the floor. If you were the second floor house, you hated the people below you for complaining about stomping on the floor.

4. If the house next to you was a guy’s house, you relied on them to open all of your jars.

5. The house was so small that you couldn’t talk about other people without them knowing, so you mastered “the look.”

6. Going to the gym meant walking fifteen miles barefoot in the snow or risking having your car booted in McCann.

7. Your face froze on the walk from G block to the dumpster from November to March.

8. You had your own personal Donnelly because all the cabs lined up outside E block.

9. You wound up doing a lot of your makeup/waxing/other disgusting things at the kitchen table on weekend nights because THERE’S NO ROOM.

10. You woke up to shower only to find that your housemates had made a schedule for who could shower when. And you were at the bottom of the list.

11. When you didn’t want to walk to the main Marist Beach in front of the lib, you had your own version one foot away from your house.

12. The photos of what the new Gartland will look like made you kind of sad that Foxes of the future won’t experience the beautiful disaster that you did.

13. When you moved out in May, you were so happy God/Marist housing placed you in that magical, dilapidated dump with your best friends.

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Nicole Knoebel was the President and Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus Marist and is a former National Contributing Writer for Her Campus. She attended Marist College and majored in English (Writing) and minored in Journalism. Nicole has been an editorial intern at Marie Claire, Us Weekly, Seventeen and ELLE and spent a semester living in New York City to test out the Carrie Bradshaw life (minus the Manolos). You can follow her on Twitter at @nicoleknoebel!