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10 Tips for Incoming Freshmen

1. Don’t be afraid to try something new. If there is a club you’re really interested in but have never participated in, give it a try any ways. 

2. Get to know as many people as you can. All of these people have different backgrounds and can teach you something about the world. Their perspectives are valuable, and so are yours. Understand this. 

3. Do your homework! Go to class. But if you have to take a day off sometimes because you’re not feeling great or just need a moment to rest…take it. Know yourself.

4. Get to know the area that you’re attending college in. Explore as much as you can. You’re only there for four years! 

5. Do a minor you’re interested in, not just one that you think that you should be doing because it will help you get a job. Same goes with major. 

6. Study however works the best for you. If that means cramming, cram! If that means pacing yourself, then pace yourself. 

7. Try your best. That’s all.

8. Reach out to your professors. Especially at a smaller school, they are here to help you.

9. Take advantage of all the amazing things your campus has to offer, whether it be the spring concert, or math extra help tutoring sessions. 

10. Remember that you only have four years to make the most amazing memories, and to embrace it. 

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