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10 things that everyone going to college should know

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Marist chapter.

By Lauren Fraites

Advice from the lazy college student also known as me: 

1. Naps are not just a cute little thing that happens sometimes. Naps are serious business, my friend. One doesn’t just take a nap (well they might…) but, in my humble opinion, you must prepare for a nap much like preparing to go to your cousin’s wedding. It takes the right environment, the proper attire, a nice aroma scented room, and the most important thing: a phone on “do not disturb.” I cannot stress this one enough, many a good nap has been ruined by texts and calls.

2. If an event says “food will be served” go to it. I don’t care if it’s something totally crazy or something that sounds super boring, food is food and you never know who you might meet at one of these things. Maybe you walk away with a new life lesson, but either way, at least you got food you didn’t have to pay for.

3. Get a job. Life isn’t cheap, money is nice and drinks are like 5 dollars (not including tips). 

4. Go to class. This seems obvious, but when you realize that if you break down tuition and the cost of each class is upwards of 2 grand, skipping your 12:30 to sleep in just doesn’t seem like a good investment.

5. Figure out a good laundry day. You don’t want to be awake till 5 am just cause your sheets aren’t dry yet. Also, just a side note, when using community laundry rooms your stuff will get moved out of the washer or dryer if your time is up and you aren’t there… It’s just a fact of college, don’t get mad just accept it and move on.

6. Clean your room!!!! There is nothing worse than leftovers being left out and a nice smell wafting from your room. 

7. Join things. Become involved. This isn’t high school where things are easy, but that doesn’t make them impossible. Just find your thing and friends will follow. Open yourself up to new ideas and just go from there. 

8. Find time for yourself. FOMO is real, but don’t let the fear of missing out prevent you from realizing you need a night in just watching a movie and chilling. (Also p.s. it doesn’t make you any less cool to stay in a night…just FYI #selfcarebaby.)

9. The friends that you meet on the day of move-in might not be your friends by the end of the semester. It’s ok. People grow and people change, don’t make it awkward and avoid eye contact just smile and keep doing your thing. 

10. This is it, people. I can’t stress this one enough. Are you ready for the big college life-changing advice? Trust me it’s a secret that has been passed on and only few are allowed this knowledge so thank me later…. You’re gonna miss home. You might cry. It’s going to take some time to adjust but guess what. You’ll be ok. Everyone experiences it so you’re not alone. Don’t worry you’re gonna be just fine.

Also p.s: Don’t drink the jungle juice. Period.