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10 Things Every Girl Remembers About American Girl Dolls

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Marist chapter.

In light of the new American Girl boy, here is all the great things about growing up with American Girl Dolls.

If you’re like me, American Girls were a huge part of your childhood. Growing up, I had three American Girl Dolls: historical dolls Kit and Kirsten and girl of the year 2008 (wow THAT was long ago), Nikki. I loved them like they were my own children, and had such a fun time playing with them. Now, they even offer a boy doll named Logan, who was just released last week. Let’s reminisce together about our childhood and afternoons.

Wanting…all of them 

They all have their own personalities, outfits and books. How could you not want them all? 

Reading their books 

They were my favorite thing to read…even if I didn’t have the doll. 

Wanting a “Just Like You” girl 

They were your mini twin! 

Needing a bed for them to sleep in 

They are like little people…of course they need somewhere to sleep and hangout. 

Getting them an outfit for every occasion 

They had to be prepared for Christmas dinner or a day in the snow. 

Bringing them to the American Girl store

It was a magical experience, and you wanted everything for your girl. It was like Sephora for 6-year-olds. 

Getting the catalog and dreaming about everything you want 

And wondering why their clothes cost as much as yours. 

Fulfilling their personalities 

Every doll had to wear certain outfits to match her *style.* It was an unofficial rule. 

Having playdates with friends with American Girl dolls 

The playdate was just as much fun for the dolls as it was for you. Braiding hair and trying outfits on your doll was a must. 

Your online addiction started on AmericanGirlDoll.com 

Kit and Josephina’s games were so much fun, and let’s be honest, this was how you spent your nights before Netflix. 

They were a part of your childhoos, and you probably have them somewhere in your house. Hope this brought back some great memories for you! 


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