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Vir Das’ Secret to a Good Life

HeLlO tHeRe! 

I recently came across a very interesting video, while I was scrolling through my Youtube feed; It was a speech by Vir Das- one of India's leading stand-up comics, on why being “stupid” was a good thing. What amazed me was that he chose to talk about this at a college graduation ceremony (rather ironic if you ask me) and the way he spoke about it intrigued me.  He explained how if you spend your whole life looking for one stupid thing, you often find yourself doing it, and hearing this was all it took to grab my attention. So, here is my explanation of why I was inspired by his speech and all the wisdom I took from it.

Promoting silly behaviour is a rather peculiar topic to be writing an article on, don’t you think? Well, let me tell you why being frivolous is also important. Silly things are all around us. We may not even realise it, but the most absurd scenarios surround us. If you often have philosophical thoughts, I think its safe to say that you’ve thought about how the very concept of you, me and everyonest else is stupid. However, isn’t that the beauty of it all? (I wouldn’t be surprised if you are still scratching your head as you read further into this article!)

I believe in doing stupid things. It could be anything ranging from a small prank at work to cracking a joke in the middle of a serious argument with your partner! Think about it this way, life goes on, and often, we go through various ups and downs. The only memories or moments that tend to stand out are those of absolute chaos, happiness, and in a more general sense, moments where the unexpected occurs. 

I've come across countless video clips of boxers offering chips or food to their opponents. Although this seems pretty foolish of them to do, given the situation, it still brings about a smile and is a rather wholesome viewing experience.

Be a little carefree in whatever you do; it will save your heart when you are losing your mind. Be crazy in love! Say the cheesiest of things to express yourself. Don’t worry about cliches, or coming off as needy, clingy, jealous or possessive. After all, you are only speaking from your heart and telling the truth. In the longer run, this will always benefit you. 

We are all so caught up in our own worlds and problems that we often forget to do good to others and spread happiness.  And of course, what better way to spread happiness than by doing something completely goofy? 

We all remember Vine, those short six-second video clips that made us double up with laughter every single time! Every vine out there has someone being comical in them. Yet, they are memorable and will always stand out and bring about smiles.

Most of your life is going to be spent working, attending meetings and doing tasks that will help you make a living. When you set out on these new adventures, and be stupid! Say that one silly thing you were not supposed to say! Best case scenario, you win your colleagues over, worst-case scenario, you get fired; but, at least you will be remembered.  We all know, no one remembers the people who agree with them. However, the ones you never forget are the ones who disagreed with you. You know this is true because when you are in the shower, all you think about are those arguments you had with people who dissented with you while reflecting on all the different ways you could have replied to them.

This just goes to prove how even the most silly things in our life bring us joy. So go ahead, don’t take yourself too seriously and be carefree, and like Vir Das said in his speech, “Show yourself, and the universe that the moment does not own you, but you own the moment.” 

If you are still wondering why I started my article with that weird letter casing, it’s just to justify my point further. It was a small but silly thing to do, but it caught your attention, or at least, so I hope!   

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