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Halloween Week: 10 Movies To Watch This Halloween For a Good Laugh

While it is the norm for some of us to watch the scariest movies during Halloween, not all of us like getting the heebee jeebees. Here we have a list of ten movies for you to get into the Halloween spirit (get it) all the while laughing.



When an earthquake releases scores of piranha, the result is everything you expect and more. Full of gratuitous nudity and blood splattering gore, this movie seems like the love child of Jaws and American Pie. Don’t try to make sense of this movie, just watch and enjoy how the piranhas go on to gobble and chomp down on bikini-clad girls and shirtless boys. 


9. Scary Movie 1 

Have you ever watched a horror film and bellowed at the film screen when the protagonist starts doing something really, really foolish and unnecessary? Then look no further, Scary Movie parodies all the best horror classics from Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Blair Witch and the famous “I see dead people” scene. Scary Movie manages to parody them all and come up with something that you can enjoy with your friends. 


8. Go Goa Gone 

When we talk about Bollywood’s contribution to horror, not a lot of names pop up, and the list shrinks when we talk about horror-comedy. But with an ensemble cast of Vir Das, Kunal Khemu, Ankit Tiwari and a Russian looking Saif Ali Khan portrayed with a droll Delhi accent, this little underrated gem caught my attention. Three friends, tired of their monotonous lives attend a rave party on a deserted island in Goa only to wake up and find the island infested with bloodthirsty zombies. 


7. One Cut of the Dead 

This low budget Japanese Indie film is about a crew directing a low budget zombie flick, but things quickly turn south when they are attacked by real zombies. This film sits on a comfortable hundred percent rotten tomatoes rating. It might require a little investing in, but it’ll be totally worth it. It’s a fresh take on the zombie genre and it doesn’t rely on the usual spoofs and gags to get the laughs out. 


6. The Cabin in the Woods 

This movie might look like any typical horror movie but it’s nowhere close to that. It starts off like any typical teen horror movie in the woods, but as you start moving into it you start realizing why it’s different from the others. It’s smart and wildly interesting with twists you’ll never see coming. This movie is highly recommended for both gore fans and those who love intelligent horror movies.


5. Tucker and Dale vs Evil 

This movie can be summed up with just one quote “It’s not always what it looks like”. This story is about two lovable hillbillies who wanted to spend a little time off in their vacation home out in the woods but because of some misunderstanding, a group of college students mistakes them for serial killers. The movie is more comedy than horror and has a completely opposite take on the slasher genre while never turning down the gore.


4. What We Do in the Shadows

This satirical mockumentary follows a documentary crew as they unfold the lives of three vampires who are flatmates. But these vampires have a lot more problems to face rather than just staying out of sunlight. From trying to fit in the modern society and facing general flatmates problems like who keeps dumping the blood-stained bowls in the sink to sneaking into clubs to pick up women in the goofiest manner. This underrated horror-comedy by Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi (the guy who made that good Thor movie) will have you praying that you could unsee the whole thing just so that you could experience it all over again. 


3. Grabbers 

Okay hear me out, there is an alien invasion and the only way you can save yourself is by being drunk. Well, this is exactly what happens when a small Irish town is invaded by tentacled blood-sucking aliens, and unlike Signs, they don’t have an aversion to water. It’s alcohol that ‘burns’ them. This absolutely ridiculous pretext has the villagers getting drunk and plastered to fight off aliens. The movie has a decent script, stunning visual effects and on top of everything else it has adults getting drunk and doing stupid stuff, that never gets old. 


2. Shaun of the Dead 

Let’s be honest, I think I speak for everyone when I say most of us have imagined being stuck in a zombie apocalypse so that we can be the hero and finally impress our romantic interest by saving them. The protagonist, Shaun is a man stuck in a dead-end job, and out of love with nothing to motivate him. He already feels like a zombie but when a real zombie apocalypse occurs, it’s in his hands to save his girl and survive the zombie apocalypse. I know there are tons of zom-com spoofs out there (this list alone contains three)but trust me this hits all the right spots. With excellent editing and intelligent foreshadowing, this movie is by far the best one out there. 


1. Little Evil 

The Omen is one of my favourite horror films, but never in my dreams had I thought one would be able to make a spoof out of it. Adam Scott is a stepfather who’s having trouble adjusting to the fact that his son might be the spawn of Satan. The movie is executed brilliantly and has equal parts of horror and comedy. A surprising catch about this film is that it doesn’t feel like a spoof. Instead, it feels more like an homage. The script is sharp, the humor is intelligent and it also proves that “nothing good ever happens in the cornfield.”


Whether you’re a horror movie fanatic or just want to start out with, this genre this list will help you see the horror genre in a new light. So call up your friends, order a pizza and turn off your lights because there is nothing to be scared of, or is there?

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